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  • Pantera Coming to Rock Band?

    Posted on July 27th, 2009 Shawn No comments
    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

    Thanks to some interweb friends (,, maybe we will finally get some Pantera for Rock Band.  This (if it is true) is some of the best Rock Band DLC news I have heard in over a year.


    So apparently VH-1 Classic leaked the DLC for August 4th. My friend was watching earlier, as it was hip-hop time on Fuse, in his words. The video for one Cemetary Gates played. After the video, there was a recording that said “Play this song, and 5 other Pantera classics on Rock Band starting August 4th.”


    According to HMXSean, Alex Navarro of Harmonix:

    Love Pantera, but sadly have to debunk this one. Stay tuned to (not wrestling forums) for DLC news.

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