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  • Rock Band brings more Foreigner + 4 others, next week

    Posted on June 25th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band DLC UpdateLet’s get back to business here. Sorry, for lack of posting lately…I still love you. I’ve been moving, and life’s been hectic (to put it lightly). ‘Nuff excuses, back to work.

    I got the Harmonix Community Zine a few minutes ago. There’s a smattering of music coming next week, for a few different genre’s.

    First, the classic pop-rock of Foreigner comes back (after almost two years) with a 3-pack. Personally, I’ve wondered what’s taken so long to get more from these guys. Sure, they don’t rock as hard as other stuff, but we are talking some good party material. I think I know why. Foreigner is on tour this summer. As all bands have learned, Rock Band is the new MTV. People buy DLC and then fall in love with the bands.

    Blue Morning, Blue Day
    Feels Like The First Time


    I will definitely get “Feels Like The First Time”. I’ll have to give the other two a listen.
    Vans Warped Tour is back with another 3-pack.
    Dear and the Headlights – Sweet Talk
    Devil Wears Prada –
    Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?
    Thrice – Image of the Invincible

    I know the name of 2 outta 3 Vans bands. I’ll give this pack a listen, but need to conserve funds for buying back catalog DLC (after I’m all moved into my new Rock Band lair).

    Finally, there’s a lowly single. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon of Choice. I’ve never heard of ’em. Have you? I’ll have to give ’em a listen.

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