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  • Billy Joe, “We’re doing a whole Green Day Rockband”

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 Shawn 4 comments

    There is now audio on the web, thanks to Green Day was in studio and asked about Rock Band. (Listen to part 5, around the 6:45 mark). You’ll hear “Soon…this year soon.”

    To make it more interesting, moderators on the Rock Band forums, have shut down a post about this rumor. Hmm, it’s starting to look a bit more legit.

    I’m confident that with the previous rumor news and this interview, we will definitely see Green Day on Rock Band before the end of the year. Will it be a full blown Green Day game? Will it be a track pack? Will it be DLC? Dunno. With the rumors of more than a dozen Green Day songs, and Guitar Hero’s success (yes, I said Guitar Hero) selling at retail, I will make a prediction right here and now.

    There will be a Green Day track pack sold at retail outlets (possibly Wal-Mart exclusive) of approximately 18 Green Day songs from across their catalog. It will cost $39.99, and be available for all current generation systems (including PS2). It will be playable standalone, with Xbox Live achievements, and run on the Rock Band 2 engine. There will not be Green Day characters in the game, as it will use the standard Rock Band characters. All songs will be importable into Rock Band 1 and 2. Final piece of the prediction, I will be pre-ordering it from whatever retailer gets the exclusive on it.


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