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  • Palm Pre June 6 and Eos Available Summer 2009?

    Posted on May 18th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    UPDATE: Sprint has announced the Palm Pre will be available at Best Buy, Wal-mart, Radio Shack, and other locations on June 6.

    Some of my obsessions have been at the forefront lately, typically the likes of Rock Band, Xbox 360 deals, and BlackBerry’s. Though, the obsession that started this whole site 2 and a half years ago, seems to have gone by the wayside.

    I guess we can thank my employer for forcing BlackBerry on me, which got me obsessing on the Storm and then the Bold. Though, some news I learned over the weekend, is bringing me back to my roots.


    I live blogged the announcement of the Palm Pre back in January, and haven’t mentioned in the blogs since. Although, I am due for a Palm Pre blog post, that’s not the main reason I’m writing.

    Thanks to my friends at, I learned over the weekend that another Palm device running the new webOS is in the works. It’s called the Palm Eos, and it’s looking to be the successor to the very popular Palm Centro (running the classic Palm OS). The Eos will run the new webOS, but will retain the Treo/Centro like front facing QWERTY candy-bar design.

    It’s also been spotted as an AT&T device. Sprint will be getting the Pre.

    So, here’s what’s a killer. The Pre, announced in January without any release date…still has not been released. It’s looking like it will come out within the next 14 days, but no date has been announced.
    The Pre is a big step from the Treo and Centro, as it’s a full touchscreen, with something very different from all smartphones. It has a vertical sliding keyboard. No one knows yet if it will be a successful design, though there’s little question that the OS will be anything less than dazzling.

    But, is Palm shooting itself in the foot by taking such a long time to release the Pre, while allowing the Eos to get leaked? I think so. Now, the Treo and Centro lovers have a reason NOT to jump over to Sprint, since the Eos will likely be coming to AT&T. Also, Treo and Centro lovers now can wait a little while longer, and get that good ol’ front facing QWERTY they have grown to love.

    For me, both are exciting, though I don’t see me getting one as my everyday device, due to work restrictions. I’m sure I will be trying both out, and writing up my feedback when I get my hands on either one.

    What about you? Do we have any Palm enthusiasts left here, interested in either of these?

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