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  • New Obsession on the Way?

    Posted on May 15th, 2009 Pabel 1 comment

    theride-tonyhawk-board-1Ok, so I’m the farthest thing from a skater there is, but some details of the upcoming Tony Hawk game really got my attention.

    “Turns out the motion controls are quite detailed, and in advanced modes even allow for in-place 180s, but nothing seems to involve lifting the board actually off the ground. Grabs can be performed by actually grabbing the edge of the board, with infrared sensors picking up your hand position, and pushing is performed by running your foot along the side of the board. Ollies and flip tricks are obviously going to be a bit different than the real deal, while manuals and steering are pretty much spot on, and apparently there’s a lot of choice as to how much “realism” you’d like in controlling the thing. Tony Hawk also sees the controller as a “standard,” which could work with snowboarding games, surfing games, exercise games and other assorted cash cows for Activision.”

    Some of the pictures in the Engadget post really piqued my interest.  Interaction and immersion are always the key for me with video games, so if this gets pulled off well, it might be right up there with Rock Band, the Wii, and the EA sports library for me.

    Thoughts?  Anyone else out there, skater or not, intrigued by ‘RIDE’?


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    • I was just reading about this on, and thinking, “hmmm, should I write a post about this?” Man, we are on the same wave length. Good to see you writing again.

      And this controller looks so cool. If it lives up to the description…it’s a buy for me.

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