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  • Latest Rock Band DLC Rumors

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Rumors, rumors, rumors. The Rock Band rumors continue to grow, and continue to come true. Let’s speculate this week (thanks to the forums for supplying the rumor mill). Remember, none of this is confirmation, it’s pure speculation based on talks around the Interwebs.

    Green Day – A slew of Green Day songs have been spotted on some HMX QA testing material. Plus, the new Green Day album just came out. Plus, Apples (the forum moderator), gave us a hint today “A fair sight awaits the almighty green goblin.” Lot’s of talk about Green Day hitting this coming week.

    Snoop Doggs greatest hits pack – Confirmed by HMX, but when will it come out? We anticipate just as Snoop starts his tour, which begins in June.

    Grateful dead pack – Confirmed by HMX. They licensed 18 from them and we’ve gotten 13 already. Here’s what’s left to release:
    Grateful Dead – “Scarlet Begonias”
    Grateful Dead – “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)”
    Grateful Dead – “Throwing Stones”
    Grateful Dead – “Touch of Grey”
    Grateful Dead – “U.S. Blues”
    B-52’s – Confirmed by HMX in onsite interview. Don’t know what or when.

    Limp Bizkit – Rumored by Fred Durst on his Twitter, I’ve got a Tweet in to confirm. This would make sense since LB has a new long delayed album (with original members) due out soon.

    Random songs on a ‘leaked list’ – There were originally 80 songs on this list, all but these have since been released:
    Allman Brothers Band – “Whipping Post”
    Bon Jovi – “Bad Medicine”
    The Cure – “Just Like Heaven”
    Fall Out Boy – “Dance, Dance”
    Foo Fighters – “I’ll Stick Around”
    Oasis – “Supersonic”
    Pixies – “Where Is My Mind?”
    Ramones – “Rock N Roll High School”
    R.E.M. – “These Days”
    R.E.M. – “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?”
    Taking Back Sunday – “What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost”
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Gold Lion”
    Rolling Stones – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
    Rolling Stones – “Brown Sugar”
    Nirvana – “Come As You Are”
    Nirvana – “Lithium”
    Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
    Indochine – “L’Aventurier”
    Metallica – “King Nothing”

    Shaimus – “All of This” – Confirmed on the bands blog, not by HMX
    Shaimus – “Tie You Down”

    thenewno2 – You Are Here(Album) – Confirmed by band on myspace page
    “So Vain”
    “Another John Doe”
    “Back To You”
    “Give You Love”
    “Hiding Out”
    “Idle Lover”
    “Wind Up Dead”

    Disturbed – Indestructible (Album) – David Draiman talks about this on RB special
    “The Night”
    “The Curse”

    These four songs were found on a copyright website saying that they have been released to the RB franchise:
    Flyleaf – “All Around Me”
    Flyleaf – “Fully Alive”
    Eve 6 – “Inside Out”
    Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod

    Ghostbusters Theme – Confirmed to be in the works by Ray Parker Jr. Makes sense since the video game is coming out soon, with lots of hype around it.

    The Replacements, The Who – HMX mentioned in an interview that more was on the way.

    Cake – The Distance – Email from the band stating RB tracks in the works.

    2nd metal pack confirmed by HMX to OXM early early last year(seeing as how two of these were covers, most likely never seeing the light of day)
    Metallica – “Fuel”
    Iron Maiden – “Wrathchild”
    Black Sabbath – “Supernaut”
    The Haunted – “Shadow World”

    The Doors – Email exchange by Doors management that tracks were coming to RB

    Skunk Anansie – “Brazen – Confirmed by Band in radio interview.

    Pennywise – Confirmed by Band in magazine article

    The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket – IGN interview

    Sublime – email from band stating they have tracks in the works

    Def Leppard – Console Hero interview

    Anvil – Confirmed by Band on Myspace

    Do you know more, or do you want to weigh in on the rumors? What are you waiting for?

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