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  • Green Day, Eminem, Linkin Park, Dave Matthews, and more

    Posted on May 20th, 2009 Shawn 1 comment

    I can’t believe all the new music coming out right now. I’m going to be broke this summer.

    I just realized the new Green Day album is already available, came out this week. I will be picking that up today.

    Thanks to an iTunes email, I just learned Eminem is back with a new album. Not sure if I will pick that up, as I think my Eminem days are behind me. But, I’m interested to give it a listen.

    Linkin Park has a new single New Divide. That I will definitely pick up.

    Dream Theater, I know they are not main stream, but they have a new album coming out, and I have already pre-orderd the deluxe 3-CD edition.

    Dave Matthews Band, has their first album coming out since the passing of saxophonist, LeRoi Moore. There’s a pre-order for that now, and a deluxe edition with DVD too. I’m sure I’ll pick that album up as soon as it comes out, sans the DVD.

    311 is due out with a new full album in June too. I’ll be getting that on day one.

    Not mentioned up above, but I know Beastie Boys are finishing up an album now too. This will be the first non-instrumental album for them in about 5 years.

    Oh, and Limp Bizkit started their world tour today, with the original line up. It’s the first time they have been together in 8 years. The album is due out in a few weeks, and I’m likely to get that also.

    Wow, that’s an insane summer of music. Fingers crossed some of it will make an appearance on DLC for Rock Band. 🙂


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    • Not fair….got this on my RSS reader and thought this was new music coming to RB DLC….don’t think I’ve ever clicked a link faster and then been so deflated….I will now resume working..

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