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  • Time to Bury the MyGGGo Forums?

    Posted on April 30th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    I started the idea of forums on our little site, a couple months back, in order to allow the community to have voice. It has not got past the “beta” stage, due to my lack of time. I want to spend more time building out the forums and integrating to the blogs, but not sure there is demand. Other than my own posts and some spam posts, there’s been no activity over there.

    I have over 160 users subscribed to the forums, but let’s be honest…I think all accounts (except mine) are spam accounts.

    So, unless there is any compelling reason from our readers, we will bury the forums for now (and maybe resurrect them at a later date). Don’t worry, the blog, news, music, and store will still be as alive and active as ever.

    Speak now if you care about the forums, or say your final words before I bury ’em.

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