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  • Does Rock Band Jump the Shark with Lego Rock Band?

    Posted on April 21st, 2009 Shawn 1 comment

    We all know that Fonzie jumping a shark on his motorcycle water skis was the show Happy Days attempting to keep an audience, but had no more ink left in their writers pens.

    Today, the official announcement came that Harmonix is teaming up with TT Games to add Rock Band to the Lego game franchise. Yes, Lego characters playing real rock music.

    So, basically I guess it’s a dumbed down graphic version of Rock Band. Hmm, so that’s like Rock Band 3 with sh!tty graphics?  I picture it like characters from Wii Sports playing Rock Band. The official Harmonix announcement is here:

    I’ve said it before about Rock Band and Guitar Hero. DLC, DLC, DLC. We want more DLC. As far as adding to the engine that runs the Rock Band games, I can think of a couple great improvements, but Lego graphics…not so much. I want multiple vocals, like with the game Lips. Multiple vocals are rumored to be part of The Beatles: Rock Band . Another great feature would be adding in/dropping players mid-set without having to back out to the main menu. There’s not much else needed to perfect Rock Band. What do you think?

    Now, as far as kids are concerned, I’m excited for my 2 year old and 4 year old kids. They will be able to play Rock Band without the provocative characters on screen…which I have realized my kids watch and try to emulate.

    Harmonix could find worse ways to jump the shark. I’m sure I will buy this game, assuming it’s an all new set list. It best be able to import the songs into Rock Band 2.

    Here’s an early list of songs in the Lego game:
    Blur: “Song 2”
    Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
    Europe: “The Final Countdown”
    Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
    Pink: “So What”


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    • I’m sorry to tell you this, but Fonsi jumped the shark with water skis, not a motorcycle. A motorcycle could be a epic win, a water skis is just plane lame.

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