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  • Lips…Even Cheaper Now!

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Wow! Lips keeps dropping its pants price. I just picked it up last week at Amazon for $52.99, and now it’s up there for $39.97. I also learned today that there is no longer a 30-day price protection guarantee…DOH!

    So, here’s a quick review from the four days I’ve had the game:
    * The two microphones that come with it are worth the money. Decent build quality (though I did expect them to feel a bit more solid).
    * Motion controlled makes it real fun for kids. During songs, a picture will tell you how to move the microphone (forcing you to dance a little), which the kids love.
    * The graphics in the game is nice, good eye candy. Menus are nice. Having the actual artist videos in game is very cool.
    * The main part of the game, singing, is what I’d expect. A lot like all other karaoke games (i.e. Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour, SingStar, etc). The words are displayed on screen with a bar letting you know what pitch to sing. Works well.
    * Dual singers is very cool. You can let hte game play as a jukebox, and join in any time by shaking a microphone. The box say up-to 6 people can play at once.
    * The Xbox controller has a purpose too. If you don’t feel like singing, pick up an Xbox controller and press buttons. It will make percussion sounds in the game, just for fun.
    * The set list, to me, is pretty weak. Only 40 songs on disc, and I would say 50% of them are throw away. The set list quality is just my opinion though, though 40 songs to me is not enough for a full title.
    * There is plenty of DLC coming out weekly. It’s the standard 160 MS points (or $2) per song. That adds up quickly, especially when I spend everything I earn on Rock Band DLC.
    * You can import songs from any media souce, including an iPod, Zune, or BlackBerry, via USB to your Xbox 360. Lips will allow you to play your songs and sing along. you won’t see lyrics or original music videos, but you will be judged on pitch and get points in the game. That’s pretty cool, but would be awesome for Xbox Live to connect to the internet and get lyrics support.
    * The HUGE selling point for me is something that is “coming soon”. That’s the compatibility of the game with Rock Band 2 (and Guitar Hero: Metallica). I’d like my Rock Band game to be completely wireless, and these microphones will make that happen for me. I can’t wait for that patch.

    I couldn’t justify the game at the list price of $70, but I did pull the trigger at $53. At less than $40, it’s a great party game and entertaining for families. Once the ability to use the microphones with Rock Band 2 comes in, that will make it worth every penny.

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