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  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen is a Reality

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Give me a break! Another freakin’ single artist music game, likely built on the same crappy engine as Guitar Hero: World Tour.

    Based on the image below (up on GameStop for a while, then pulled), we will be getting the Van Halen installment in August.

    From what I have experienced with GHWT and GH: Metallica:
    * No song importing, so you have to swap discs to play music from other installments.
    * A single list of songs and no DLC planned (GHWT excluded).
    * Poor drum charting and rapid failures.

    I’ll tell you now, before even seeing the charts, or pricing….PASS!

    Oh, and I’m a HUGE Van Halen fan. Diver Down, Women and Children First, VH I and II, are all amazing classics.  David Lee is my singer of choice (although it’s embarrassing to watch the video above), but also liked the Sammy stuff.

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