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  • My Latest Rock Band 2 Accomplishments

    Posted on March 11th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Lately, I have been playing a fair amount of Rock Band 2, with friends, family and on Xbox Live. Drums are my instrument of choice, followed by vocals. I always play on Expert, even if I may fail out of a song. There’s something about playing the song the way it was intended that matters most to me.

    Last night, I played a few songs on drums. Some as duals, some by myself.  Generally, I do not get 100% or full-combo (FC) on any song, since I only play a few hours a week. (I love the game and the music, but don’t dedicate my life to it.)  Most of the top tiered songs on Rock Band 2 are so difficult on drums that I barely attempt to play them.  If I do play them, I typically fail out.  The photos below, tell the story of my recent accomplishments.

    My player name is 8 TRAK, so you can see how I compare in the duals. First, I FC’d “I Think I’m Paranoid” and won by a slim margin in the dual.  This song has been around since Rock Band 1, but I think this is the first FC I got on this.  Then in another close dual, I won and got 100% on “My Own Worst Enemy”.  I was two beats away from a FC, but missed two beats in the final 10 seconds of the song.  Granted, neither of these songs are considerd difficult to most players, but I’m happy with it.
    Now, onto one of the most difficult songs on Rock Band 2, Panic Attack.  Prior to last night, I had never finished the song, except n No Fail Mode.  I figured I’d give the song a try last night, in the Prog Rock Challenge, with all intentions of failing out at some point.  Seven and a half minutes later, I’m wailing away on the last wall of 32nd notes and finished the song.  88% and four stars.  Not a great score, but I actually finished it, and then completed the Prog Rock Challenge (which unlocked two more difficult challenges).

    I shut the Xbox 360 off last night feeling pretty good about this one.  It was a solid night on the drums, and I’m looking forward to some more Panic Attack, and some more duals.

    So, let hear about your latest accomplishments in Rock Band 2.  Leave em in comments below, or in the new Forums thread.

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