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  • Hi iPhone, Welcome to 2006/2007

    Posted on March 17th, 2009 Pabel No comments

    So the details surrounding the upcoming iPhone software came out today.  Looks like the phone will now be even with the Motorola ROKR or the 1st version of the Q.  What’s tough is that I love my iPhone, but have to be honest and write lines like the previous one.

    Here are the highlights:

    1. Copy/cut/paste
    2. MMS
    3. Multiple photos in one email
    4. Spotlight (sort of like Desktop search on PC)
    5. Stereo bluetooth
    6. Autofill
    7. Notes Sync
    8. Turn by turn capabilities
    9. Wi-Fi autologins
    10. YouTube accounts
    11. Landscape for mail and texts
    12. Text forwarding
    13. Peer to Peer
    14. A bevy of developer features that are going to lead to really slick apps (I refuse to count the apps until they exist)

    Does anyone see any other ‘basics’ now missing from the iPhone?

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