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  • Guitar Hero World Tour….$70 off Retail

    Posted on March 16th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Have you been hemming-and-hawing over buying Guitar Hero World Tour? Is it too expensive for you? Do you already have Rock Band 2 and not sure if GHWT will be as good?

    Get ready to find a reason to buy the GHWT Complete Band Kit. Our Amazon store has it on all consoles for $119.98 ($118.98 on PS2). UPDATED That’s 70% $70 off the retail price of $189.99. That’s an incredible price.

    You get the new Guitar Hero drum kit (compatible with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: Metallica), the new Guitar Hero guitar, a wired microphone, and the Guitar Hero World Tour game. It works out to less than $30 per component.

    I got the GHWT Complete Band Kit a couple months ago when Circuit City had their clearance sale. I got it for $151, and was happy with the price. This price point is just incredible, especially since buying the drums separately is $100. If you are thinking about it, hurry up before they are gone. It’s a one-day only deal!

    If you want my opinion of this set, here you go:
    * Drums: They are so much better than the Rock Band 1 drums. Nice to play on (and play fine for Rock Band 2). Quite with good bounce. Works awesome for GHWT, though the layout for Rock Band 2 takes a little getting used too. Kick pedal does not attach to kit, so if not on carpet can slide around. Drums have midi-out, so you can easily connect a real electronic drum kit to play on.
    * Guitar: Haven’t used it yet.
    * Mic: Looks just like the Rock Band mic, but seems to be more responsive than the Rock Band mic.
    * Game: Great set list. Awesome sound, very good background graphics. Decent foreground graphics. Vocal tracking is great and realistic (in my opinion). Drum charting is not as good as Rock Band; I’ve played a few undercharted songs on the drums and that is disappointing. I love singing on GHWT, but don’t love drumming. I’m not a guitar expert, so I can’t give a good opinion on that.

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