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  • Guitar Hero: Metallica DEMO — Initial Reaction

    Posted on March 20th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Ok, here we go. I downloaded the free demo of GH: Metallica from Xbox Live Marketplace. You may know that as far as rhythm games go, I care about:
    1. Drums
    2. Vocals
    That’s about it. When mixing things up, I’ll play some bass or guitar, but those don’t matter to me at all. I never owned Guitar Hero 1, 2, or 3.

    The Metallica demo comes with four songs, two from Metallica, one from Queen and one from Alice In Chains.
    * Sad But True
    * Seek & Destroy
    * No Excuses
    * Stone Cold Crazy

    I only played drums tonight. I’m most concerned with how the drums play, since GH: World Tour has drum charting issues on expert. T put it simply, on GH: World Tour, Sweet Home Alabama on drums expert is missing some hi-hat notes. It’s very obvious, and makes you feel like you are not playing actual drums.

    Here’s my quick take on GH: Metallica drums. The expert+ mode (double bass drum) was not used in the demo, so I stuck with expert. “No Excuses”, I failed out within 30 seconds. Lot’s of moving around with the yellow and orange cymbals, and my brain is trained for the Rock Band setup. The only thing I can say about that song is, I suck at it. I’ll come back to it another time.
    Then on to “Sad But True”, one of the easiest and more repetitive Metallica songs. I figured that I’d 5-star it no problem, and I did. But, there’s a big BUT here, the drums are under charted. In many spots, there is a simultaneous yellow/orange/purple hit (2 cymbals and a kick drum) followed by an empty note. The problem, where there’s the empty note, I can easily here a hi-hat note. This happens throughout the song. Oh what a disappointment for such an easy song.
    Then on to “Seek & Destroy”. It’s a fast moving song, but not crazy. I 3-starred it, and felt it was charted good. No complaints at first.
    The final song, “Stone Cold Crazy”. This is my favorite Metallica cover form the Garage Days album. It’s a very fast moving song with lot’s of yellow/orange switch ups. I 3-starred it, and think it was charted well, but I will have to play it more to really see. I don’t really love the yellow/orange charting that is now in World Tour and Metallica.

    Overall, with the poor charting of “Sad But True”, it’s going to be inevitable that other songs will be under charted. Since I’m not likely to play much of guitar or bass in this game, and as much as I like Metallica, don’t plan to do much singing of there’s…this game might be a pass for me.

    I will likely save the $60 for more Rock Band DLC.

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