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  • Slacker Radio Officailly on the Storm!

    Posted on February 4th, 2009 Shawn No comments

    Slacker downloadWe got word early this morning (thanks CrackBerry) that Slacker has released an official version of their FREE Slacker Radio Mobile application for the BlackBerry Storm. As you may know, Slacker on other BB’s has been a huge hit; and those of us who put the unofficial version on our Storms, were praising it.

    Now, the official release is here. All issues with the unofficial have been resolved.Slacker Install
    * Buttons are now big enough for touchscreen.
    * Album art is now huge and beautiful.
    * No more flaky application lockup/crash issues.
    * No more songs cutting out with 10 seconds left.

    Press Release

    Slacker Announces Availability of Mobile Radio Application for the BlackBerry Storm SmartphoneSlacker Menu

    Free Slacker Personal Radio Mobile Application Features Touch Screen Navigation and Station Caching

    SAN DIEGO, CA – February 4, 2009 – Slacker, Inc. today announced the availability of the free Slacker Mobile application for the BlackBerry® Storm smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM). BlackBerry Storm users* can now listen to their favorite Slacker radio stations anywhere they go, whether they are connected to a wireless network or not – a Slacker Mobile feature exclusive to BlackBerry® smartphones. The application, which is optimized for the handset’s unique touch screen, is available as a free download by visiting from your BlackBerry Storm.Slacker Player Landscape

    I’ve got some of my own photos of the app in action. There are the install screens, menu screens, & playing screens in portrait and landscape. Just awesome! We love Slacker! Oh, slacker stations can be cached for offline play on BlackBerry’s.

    Slacker Player Portrait

    So, you can play when you have no data coverage (i.e planes, trains, etc) and will save a ton of battery. There is also an app for the iPhone in the iTunes store, but no caching capabilities for iPhony’s.

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