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  • i am in physical pain

    Posted on February 18th, 2009 Eric 1 comment

    More photos here…

    what a beauty she is…

    with all the work i’ve done on my tilt (which is no longer a tilt, but a tytn ii, btw), i felt reaaaaly settled…  even though it *IS* a brick.  no one could temp me with their iPhones…  especially after installing the SRS iWow drivers and corecodec’s coreplayer (if you want info on these, contact me).

    two plush interfaces, one based on homescreen++, with weatherpanel, sbsh iLauncher, todayAgenda, thumbCal and iContact all there in one compact, each to read, very touch friendly screen.  my underlying FTouchSL system handling all the various functions i want to enable using “active corners” and gestures (FTouchFL is software i could NOT live without on this phone).  the second interface is the latest revision of iFonz…  and i’ve posted pics of the previous version before….  just incredible.

    i have all the software i want…  my GPS functioning extremely well (and TomTom as well)….

    so, here comes the touchpro2.  now what?

    well, thing 1:  i could always flash my current image onto that phone and just have the nice new hardware to play with (and if you click around that site, there are some incredible features).  but realistically, WM6.5 has been out for a while….  i flashed it once and played with it for a day…  (i flashed android too, and i liked ws6.5 better).  quite a nice interface.  what else is going to be on this phone?  who will carry it?  i mean…  there has GOT to be things i am going to want software wise…  making the decision, and more importantly, the TIME investment something to consider (picking and choosing apps i currently use vs apps on the phone).

    thing 2:  why not keep both phones?  my tytn ii is unlocked, i can always swap SIMs.  but is it really THAT much smaller that i would want to swap between the two?  nah.

    thing 3:  WVGA.  that’s all a have to say.  the puts a + in the corner of touchpro.  however, puts a minus on any applications i own that i want to install on it….  thereby invalidating a lot of thing 1.

    thing 4:  maybe its time for something new?  a clean start?  could it really be?  shawn, switching OS’s, hardware….  from palm to blackberry…  was it refreshing at all?

    what else?  i mean… the phone will be expensive at first…  and who knows what channels it will be available through (if i took the time to read the articles, i would probably find out that info).

    anyway, what do you think?




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    • The hardware/software jump for you will be much less steep than it was for me, going from Treo (Palm OS) to Storm (BlackBerry OS). You are basically upgrading to the latest hardware and software of the same platform…kind of like when I went from Treo 650 to Treo 700p (although, not an exact comparison).

      I’d say, wait till AT&T gets it so you can get it subsidized…then take the plunge. You can build it out at your leisure, and thanks to the wonderfulness of swappable SIM’s, use the old one when needed until the new one is customized to your liking.

      For me, I’m about to take another jump…..drum roll…..the Storm is going to be handed to my wife (blinged out) and I will be jumping ship to AT&T for a BlackBerry Bold. Well, that’s the current plan…if my employer will pick up the bill.

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