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  • Rock Band & Guitar Hero with Real Drums – Part 2: intro and shopping

    Posted on January 27th, 2009 Shawn 4 comments

    GHWT Drums + MIDI Capable Drum Kit = Professsional Drumming on Rock Band 2

    This is Part 2 of a multi-part series.
    Part 1: the discovery
    Part 2: intro and shopping
    Part 3: basic setup
    Part 4: pro setup

    Do you love playing drums on Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, or Rock Revolution?  Do you have a real electronic drum set (i.e. Roland V-Drums, Yamaha DTXPRESS, etc) and wish you could use your real electronic drum kit instead of the toy drums that come with the game?  After months of research, I have learned there is a very simple solution.  It’s not free, and not necessarily cheap, though it is easy to setup and I have confirmed it works.

    I have successfully done this setup on the Xbox 360. Others have confirmed success with the exact same setup on PS3. I don’t know about PS2 or Wii.

    I have a few people to thank for helping with the details:
    Doc_SoCal at Docs Rock Band Mods
    Many users on the Rock Band Forums
    John at Highly Liquid

    Let’s break this up into three sections: Shopping List, Basic Setup, Pro Setup, anything else.

    Shopping List
    * Guitar Hero Drum Kit: Currently you can only buy it used as it’s not available new by itself. If you want new, you have to buy it packaged in the Complete Band Kit. If you do not need the GHWT game or an extra guitar, you can do what I did. I bought the Complete Band kit and sold the game and guitar online.
    Links to used kits and Complete Band Game:

    * MIDI Cable: Length depends on how far away you will position the GHWT kit from your e-kit.

    * Electronic Drum Kit/Brain with Assignable MIDI capabilities: I’m using a very old Yamaha TMX, many others are using Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis products. If you can manually assign a MIDI voice to your “drum brain”, then you will be fine.
    NOTE: If you don’t already have an electronic drum kit, you can expect to spend $500 – $5,000 to get an electronic drum kit.

    Ok, now that shopping is done, I will talk about set up on the next post… (Trust me, it’s easier than you might expect).


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    • Wow is all I have to say, if this works I will get that Yamaha DTXplorer I was looking into and get a GHWT set just to get the drums too that is awesome, great idea thinking that I was just pondering if you could just set up the midi to usb to the PS3 but since you need a work-around anyways why not a drum controller with the gear set up fantastic idea.

      Only issue is are you forced to use the GHWT’s setup, be it that with 3 toms and 2 cymbals in Rock Band, or can you modify the setup for your liking with open/closed hit-hat switches for quick cymbal switches? I know RB only uses 4 pads, so what would happen to that 5th pad on the WT set?

      Keep this updated man I can’t wait to hear and see the results because I am seriously considering getting a nice electronic kit and I don’t wanna spend 700+ on the ION just to make it a “real” kit since the Yamaha DTXplorer is $650 straight up 🙂

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