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  • First Impression of Leaked BlackBerry Storm Update (

    Posted on January 22nd, 2009 Shawn No comments

    BlackBerry StormAfter spending a whopping five hours with the new leaked OS, I’m ready to drop a bullet list of first impressions. I installed the leaked Storm OS update this morning, on top of the previously leaked OS ( My first impression is based on features that I didn’t see in earlier releases. See other posts for my feedback on earlier releases.

    First Impression of Leaked BlackBerry Storm Update (
    * Application Center. Old icon is back, replacing the new icon in previous OS updates.
    * MySpace Application. Added to the Application Center. I’m not a MySpace user, so doesn’t excite me much.
    * QWERTY keyboard now available in portrait mode. The keyboard has not been vetted with the entire OS, as the setup screen still only offers SureType and MultiTap. Also, the new portrait QWERTY keyboard, has some characters that run off the keys. Looks a little bizarre. Though, I’m glad to see a QWERTY option for portrait. It is a nice add-on feature.
    * Landscape QWERTY Keyboard. Displays larger letters on each key. Keys remain the same size, just larger letters.
    * Home Screen. Larger text on icons, only on home screen in portrait.
    * Icons. Scroll smoother than earlier releases.
    * Camera / Video Recorder. UI is transparent, showing more of the image on screen. This was in the last update, but I only confirmed today that the Video Recorder had the UI update. Camera appears to take quicker photos.
    * LED. No more issues with LED after disconnecting Bluetooth. This issue arose in the previous OS update.
    * Phone. Test throughout the Phone application is larger. The larger text may be nice for some users, though in some areas there is text overlap. Text overlaps specifically during a call where the display says, “My Number”. The text and my phone number slightly overlap.
    * Pictures (Media Player). First load took about 20 seconds to load. After first load, all was fine.
    * Videos (Media Player). Does not play over A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo) headset. This issue has been in all recent OS updates, and is quite disappointing. It existed in earlier OS releases and have been gone for three recent updates.
    * Music (Media Player). Long podcasts, over 1.5 hours, can not pause/skip past the 35 minute mark. If paused/skipped after 35 minutes, the podcast restarts. This happens in the Music player, as well as 3rd party PodTrapper.
    * Voice Notes Recorder. Still does not save voice notes. They record, and appear to save. Though, when you go back to view the list of recorded notes, there is nothing. This has been around for several OS updates.

    Stability seems fine, so far. The big update is the portrait QWERTY keyboard. It’s a nice first attempt, and could you a little fine tuning. The biggest negatives lie in the Media area, which is unfortunate for a potential great media device. No Bluetooth for videos, Voice Notes not saving, and Music player still missing some key features (bookmarks, skip buttons, long podcast capability).

    I’ll use this leak for the next week, and make updates to the post as needed.


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    • AbrtRetryIgnore

      I have to say, I’ve been pretty unimpressed with everything I’ve read about the Storm. [Disclaimer: I don’t own one, so I have to go by what others say…but it’s been fairly uniform in its underwhelming response.]

      As someone still clinging to his flawed but functional Treo 650 and waiting for the “perfect” smartphone that finally gets everything right…I’m still waiting. (The iPhone is great and all, but no Flash for the browser? And no cut/paste? And no synching of tasks/to-do-lists with my desktop? Um…pass.)

      I have to admit, however, I’m pretty intrigued by the Palm Pre…

    • The storms new leak has been overall good. I really have enjoyed my phone more using this leak than the previous OS vers.
      One of the problems corrected is answering calls. When someone would call in previous OS leaks. It was very difficult answering the call. Jumping from portrait to landscape, hitting the answer button with no response. This has been fixed.
      The biggest problem has been shutting down and starting up. Most of the time I have to remove the battery and reboot the phone to shut in down the correct way. Also starting the phone I have to remove the media card so the phone will completely boot. Then push the card in after boot and everything works great. This happens every time I fire-up the phone.
      As far as the sure type it takes some getting use to. The more I use it the faster I become. This also has been my experience of the click screen. It took sometime but I am very use to it. When I jump over and use someones iphone it slows me down.
      Look, the storm like most new frontier phones are a work in progress. I work for ABC Television and we use many iphones and Blackberry’s of all variety’s, on Enterprise and off. They all have there own problems. The iphone is a fun phone and is great in its own right.
      One of our technology heads carries the iphone and his Blackberry storm. The iphone is to show off his new apps. Some have really no value except for enjoyment and to say “Hey look what this phone can do. WOW ! this is cool”. I agree. The phone is fun. Then I watch him pick up his blackberry to get the job done.
      No one company will be able to give us everything in one phone. It wont happen. If they did we wouldn’t keep looking forward to the next “What can this do phone”.But though our experimenting and commitment we can get closer.
      Thanks for the leaks.


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