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  • BlackBerry Storm New OS Leaked,

    Posted on January 12th, 2009 Shawn 1 comment

    BlackBerry StormQuick update. If you are a junky of “hot off the press” software that isn’t even listed yet as beta, get your Storm ready. Late last night an updated Storm OS hit the intertubes,

    WARNING: Do this at your own risk! I don’t condone running this software. But I am an addict, so I have done it, and my Storm did not crap it’s pants...yet.

    Here’s the two minute update.
    * I was on a clean install of the leaked .85 OS.
    * I downloaded the .86 release from the
    * I did a backup with Desktop Manager (DM), did not wipe.
    * Ran the install and walked away from the desk. When I returned, I had to OK the Update on my Storm. Other than that, All ran as expected via DM.
    * I’m now on .86, and have only tested for about 2 minutes. All looks to have restored fine. I’ll report more.

    If you got it, let us know what you think. Check back for updates.

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