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  • Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive ON SALE!

    Posted on December 8th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Are you like me and running out of space on your Xbox 360 20GB hard drive? Too much DLC and now copying games to the drive via NXE getting you very low on space? I’ve got less than 900MB of space left and have to delete old stuff monthly to make more room.

    I have found a fix to that. The 120GB hard drive, is on sale ($25 off regular price) for a limited time at Amazon. For $134.99, I’ll have all the space I ever need (for a couple years at least). Shipping is FREE too! I’ve looked around and have not found a better deal for this. I’m going to pick it up with our Amazon Store link.

    Here’s the quick link to it if you are looking to get more space, and want it at a good price. If not for you, this would make an awesome gift for the Xbox 360 addict in your life.

    Happy Holidays!


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    • So how does DLC work when you get a new hard drive? How do you transfer current content? I feel like I remember issues when the 360 first came out of people having problems switching out hard drives and keeping their previous content. Something about content being tied to the hard drive and console as well as gamertag that made transfers difficult. Has this been resolved?

    • There were updates to this process that came out over the summer. The steps on how to transfer from one drive to another are listed on From my understanding, it had been streamlined and doesn’t force you to call tech support to transfer purchased DLC. If I get a chance to go through the steps on, I’ll post them here.

    • Well, I need a HD…was thinking about xmas with the gift cards and all. And from what I understand, the newer 120GB kits (and the new 60GB entry kits) come with a cable that basically just dupes the HD over to the new drive, very simlilar to what Ghost or Drive Magic or any hard drive cloning software does. I’ve heard it works very well, and is pretty much hassle-free.

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