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  • windows mobile obsession

    Posted on December 3rd, 2008 Eric No comments

    ok, let me commit myself to the clearly obsessed.  but, no, its not a treo, nor a blackberry, nor an iphone.

    i’ve been tweaking my at&t tilt non-stop.  for my first post, let’s cover just two of my lastest home screens. 

    which do you like better?

    this was made using the free base app called iFonz ( and then some heavy skinning:


    iFonz windows mobile screen

    iFonz windows mobile screen

    this second screen capture was made using the free app HomeScreen++ (, a highly customizable utility that offers a wide range of possibilities.  i’ve chosen to keep it clean and simple.  also on this home screen is a paid app from sbsh called iLauncher (  


    HomeScreen++/iLauncher windows mobile screen

    HomeScreen++/iLauncher windows mobile screen

    most of the theme i obtained for the above was found in the first post here:  you can find many variations and many configuration options through that link.

    the iFonz screen really mimics the iPhone well, you can touch-navigate through as many pages of applications as you like.  check the many variations here:

    anyway, which one do you like better?  




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    • The iFonz screen looks amazing. I’ve seen it in person, and it looks better than the picture. Did you do this all with 3rd party apps and customization options, or did you have to get into the Registry hacks and some .NET coding?

    • very little registry work. the bulk of the work is configuration, via XML and via iFonz settings. the most important piece is starting with a good base theme, and getting the right icons for the right apps.

      for now, i am sticking with #2 though. i find the simplicity of it to be amazing. i should post some more screen shots of how the launcher works… its very easy to use.

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