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  • RIAA Stopping Lawsuits, Shutting Down Internet Access

    Posted on December 27th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    I’ve done some reading today and learned from sources that the RIAA, that’s the Recording Industry Association of America, is going to stop suing people that share music via peer-2-peer file-sharing services. Think of the original Napster, Limewire, Bearshare, Gnutella, and on and on. I will not admit to growing my music library in the ’90s compliments to Napster and continuing the trend with Limewire on the Gnutella network. But, once the RIAA started bringing lawsuits after 12 year old kids who’s IP addresses matched those sharing copyrighted material, I still won’t admit that I stopped “borrowing” music at that point… …then began buying from dirt cheap Russian web sites. I won’t admit to any of that.

    So, here’s the details I found today from SANS (security web site) and other sources:

    RIAA Changes Tactics (December 19, 2008)

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said it will stop filing numerous lawsuits against suspected copyright violators. Instead, the RIAA will work with Internet service providers (ISPs) to target people it believes are violating copyright laws and convince them to change their ways.  Under the new plan the RIAA will notify ISPs of suspected violators and the ISPs will either notify the suspected offenders themselves or forward the messages from the RIAA. Repeat offenders would be subject to increasing sanctions, including network speed throttling and termination of Internet service.  The RIAA has not entirely ruled out the possibility of lawsuits; people who appear to be committing gross violations of copyright law could still find themselves being sued by the RIAA.

    RIAA Letter to ISPs:

    [Editor’s Note (Schultz): RIAA’s approach in pursuing those who engage in music swapping has been incredibly unsuccessful. A change in strategy has been long overdue, and apparently it is now forthcoming. ]

    How does this effect your music buying/borrowing plans?

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