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  • 12/29 Update: New Storm OS ( In the Wild

    Posted on December 29th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    BlackBerry StormThis is the 2nd unofficial OS update for the 9530 Storm (only for Verizon) within the past two weeks. The last leaked update, .83, had mixed reviews…most were positive. Though, I would not recommend the .83 update.  It made my Storm quite unstable, and the trade off of fixed features was not worth the issues it introduced.

    I’m now downloading the latest leaked OS, .85, and plan to install this afternoon. I’ll report back soon.

    Here’s the link if you want it: (thanks CrackBerry)

    If you install this on your Storm, leave comments below with your feedback.


    I just did the update.  Here’s where I’m at:

    * Ran JL_Cmdr first, which wipes the device.  I figured with four OS updates and several installed buggy apps, it was time for a full wipe.  Details here:
    * Then ran the install just like previous Storm OS updates.
    * After the install, Time Zone is set to Bogata, though I was expecting Eastern.
    * First impression, OS seems snappier out of the box.  Accelerometer is definitely faster.  We will see once I get some apps loaded and running again.


    * Visual Voice Mail was unusable in .75 and .83.  I called VZW on this last week, and they confirmed many open tickets on VVM.  They wouldn’t tell me if there was a workaround, they just said they’d call me back…and didn’t call me. With .85, I click the “Login” button, and nothing happens.  I then try by tapping the BB button and bring up the menu, then click “Login”.  That closes the VMM app and returns an error: Uncaught exception: java.lang.ClassCastException. So, no confirmation if VMM works or not in .85, but signs point to no.


    * After deleting (Options > Advanced Options > Applications) VVM, and re-installing from Application Center, I’m still not able to login to VMM.  This has existed since the official release of .75.  I’ll be contacting VZW on Monday to resolve or cancel.
    * Music player has several issues that were seen in .83 and continue. The Slider typically never moves when attempting to FF or Rew a track.
    * Also, there seems to be a file size limit causing an issue with FF.  I’ve noticed any long podcasts (>49 minutes) are not able to FF past the 49 minute mark. If attempted to FF after 49 minutes, the track starts over…though the timer on the Slider continues to count past 49 minutes. This problem also occurs if you pause and unpause a track after the 49 minute mark.  It also restarts.  Without any bookmarking feature (which is desperately needed for a multi-media device), this makes listening to podcasts quite difficult.


    * Where’s my LED? I have not seen the LED light up at all since upgrading to .85.
    * My email no longer gives me the options of “Delete in Mailbox & Handheld” etc. After looking at my Email settings (Setup > Email Settings > Edit) there is a greyed out checked box “Synchronization of deleted items is unavailable because Wireless Reconciliation is disabled on your device.”  How do I fix this?


    * LED was set to off (Options > Screen/Keyboard > LED coverage Indicator). Set it to on and LED is working as expected.
    * The screen dims/brightens based on lighting. I noticed it last night while sitting in the car.  The screen was dim, then I turned on the interior light of my car and the screen brightened up.  Very cool and possibly a power saver. This might have been in earlier builds, but I didn’t notice it until .85
    * Windows Media Player (WMP) loses all saved settings (via MTP) when I do OS updates.  I use WMP to sync my music/podcasts everyday. With each OS update, WMP loses the device details and I have to set it back up, then set up my sync preferences. It typically loses my previously synced history too and will duplicate synced songs. It’s not the end of the world, but I wish there was a way to retain the sync settings in WMP when an OS is updated.

    Check back for updates


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    • Regarding the 2nd issue on update #4, you may have to go thru the Blackberry Internet Service to manually change your settings. Use this link:

      Good Luck,

    • I’ve tried to correct 2nd issue on update #4 and just can’t figure out how to do it. I’m on the site mentioned by Casey, adn that’s where the check box is greyed out. As a matter of fact, for my gmail and other bellsouth accounts, the box is checked, but the mail I delete on my Storm, never deletes from my Outlook when syncing.

      Can anyone help? I’m tured of being out of town for a week, reading and deleting emails on my Storm, only to sort through and delete them again when I get home!

    • Sandralyn,

      Try resending Service Books to your Storm. Do you know how to do this? If not, I can look it up, but I don’t remember off the top of my head.

      Resending Service Books will get your email accounts synced again with the BIS.

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