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  • $99 iPhone??

    Posted on December 4th, 2008 Pabel No comments

    So there’s a new rumor floating around at Engagdet that Wal-Mart will be getting a 4GB iPhone for $99.  They cite a BGR post and the Wal-Mart training materials spied above.

    Now obviously 4 GB isn’t that much storage, but this certainly seems like a viable option for smartphone users who don’t mix their phone and music player.  Would anyone interested in having the mp3 player/phone combo even consider this option?  Personally, I have an 8 GB iPhone and am currently using 1.07 GB’s.  Admittedly, I’m not a heavy music/media consumer, but 4 GB wouldn’t really be all that bad for my use.  I know that as my wife continues to develop the iPhone bug, this would definitely be an attractive option for her.

    I’m assuming Apple will move a good amount of product at this price, and ATT could care less since the plans are all the same, but how do tech savvy people feel about this possible development?


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    • That’s going to sell like, er iPhones. If true, that iPhone will fly off the shelves. iPhone is taking over the consumer smartphone world, and this will help get the younger audience or those without deep pockets, in the bandwagon.

      Of course, I’ll point out that you can get a 9GB BlackBerry Storm for only $99 (with Verizon’s New Every Two program), or $199 for new subscribers.

    • Not sure how this one will be received, honestly. On one side, you have the lower end of the consumer spectrum: The people that honestly think the devices are overpriced (and most likely they are, for what that audience would use it for). For people that have sorta been on the fence, or who were waiting for an existing contract to expire, this may be another viable option for them if they don’t plan to jam it full of media, but most people I know bought the iPhone specifically so they could stop carrying around 2-3 different devices.

      Now, with technophiles this thing will be a dud. If we wanted an iPhone, we’ve already bought one. And we probably sprung for the larger capacity model more often than not, so this will hold absolutely no draw for people who really wanted one from a “gadget” perspective. It’s my opinion that they probably already have one, and if they don’t they’re probably not chomping at the bit for a smaller version with less potential. If you don’t have room to put your photos, music, TV shows, movies, downloaded apps, etc, you’re really not utilizing the iPhone for what it’s best at.

      If you’re just looking for a cheap, mediocre phone with a great web browser, fantastic user interface, but don’t care about the rest, then maybe this thing is up your alley.

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