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  • Verizon Wireless Private Sale…scam

    Posted on November 17th, 2008 Shawn 4 comments

    I’m a bit frustrated at the moment with Verizon Wireless (VZW) and their attempt to early promote the BlackBerry Storm.  Read my earlier posts about this private sale mailer.  The mailed advertisement is individually addressed (with my cell number on it) and states a specific VZW store to visit between November 17 – 21.  On the front of the mailing is the exclusive BlackBerry Storm.  Inside the ad are four other phones that are listed with “special” private sale pricing.

    The store with my invite is the Circuit City in Burlington, MA.  I went this morning, and waited out front early, since they open at 10:00 AM.  Once they opened, I walked to the VZW counter and asked the rep for a demo of the Storm.  He told me they won’t be available for sales before Black Friday, and there were none in stock today.

    I showed him my private sale mailing, and it was the first he has seen or heard of it.  (That’s the same thing I heard yesterday at the VZW store in Nashua, NH).  He was also shocked at the nice photo of the Storm on the inside, said “That’s the best picture of the phone I have seen so far”.  That’s all he had for me.  Suggested I check back on Friday, but couldn’t offer me anything else.  No hands-on.  No pre-order.  He also told me the pricing for the four other phones was not special, but it was the same everyday price that is currently offered.  I’m extremely frustrated at the moment at this VZW ad, which is looking more and more like some false advertising.

    I also checked this morning at the VZW store in the Burlington Mall, “the local flagship store”, and they also had no idea when the phone would arrive.

    When I got home, I dialed the 800 number that is on the mailing (which I know is the actual VZW customer service number).  Was on hold for 10 minutes, and hung up.  Tried again an hour later, got a message “We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please call again later.”

    So, some background here.  I have been bouncing back and forth between leaving VZW for AT&T and getting the BlackBerry Bold.  If the Bold came out earlier in the year, like it was planned, I’d have gotten it months ago.  But, with the Storm release date so close to the Bold’s, I’d like to have hands on both before making my decision.

    After this experience, I’m quite disappointed in VZW’s marketing.  Time was wasted today, as I had hoped to get my hands on the new device.  And there looks to be no device shipped yet.  I expect it to arrive in some stores today (but I’m just speculating).  I’ll be tied up with work the next few days, and won’t have a chance to get back to a VZW store before Friday (the supposed official launch day for the public).

    I do plan on calling the VZW 800 number again and talking with a manager about this poor advertisement, and possibly false advertisement.  I’ll keep you posted.


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    • Excellent summary, I had the same experience, I called 611 from my cell number and got a sale person, that I”m sure works for Verizon. They he didn’t know anything about this Private sale. I have this funny feeling that this is not a “Verizon” sanction promo. I can’t believe that Verizon’s marketing team can be soooo stupid to trick valued customers in believing this promo had nothing to do with pre-sale of the Storm today. To actually go ahead and say on the phone, that they were introducing the phone and that it wasn’t on sale sent me thru the roof. The phone number they had for you to call crashed several times as a result. Too bad it was the main number at their headquarters, that would of sent the right message.

      I like Verizon to publicly apologize for this scam… this is something I would expect from another wireless company and not Verizon.

    • I got the same advertisement. Hey guys, look closely. No where on there does it say the Blackberry Storm would be available from the 17th to 21st as part of the “sale”. It clearly shows at the back the phones that are available during the “sale”. Showing the Storm was just a tease.

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