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  • What I Love About the BlackBerry Storm (aka The Perfect Storm)

    Posted on November 30th, 2008 Shawn 6 comments

    There be some haters on the new BlackBerry Storm around the interwebs. So, although I’m no fanboy, I can point out some things of this new device that I really love. Without further ado, let’s give this boy some love…

    Screen Resolution: I still think this thing is just beautiful. Few devices have a screen as crisp, colorful, and just plain nice to look at as the Storm.
    Bluetooth: From calls via a Bluetooth headset, to music/video on a Bluetooth stereo headset, this thing just works. Best Bluetooth implementation I have ever used on a smartphone.
    Multitasking: I can have many apps open and running in the background, without issue. 5 instant message apps, Facebook, TwitterBerry, media player, and still runs well.
    Storage/Memory: 1GB on-board, plus 8GB included memory card. Plenty or room for storage.
    Touchscreen Sensitivity: Although, the click-screen I’m not totally sold on, the touchscreen is perfectly sensitive allowing adjustments for personal preference. Having used many touchscreen devices, I think the sensitivity on the Storm is just right.
    Applications: A bizarre thing I keep reading is people comparing the number of apps for iPhone vs. Storm. Some stating the Storm has zero apps, while pointing out over 10,000 (and counting) for iPhone. Let’s point out some Storm apps that I am using, and loving. Flycast (streaming radio), TwitterBerry (mobile Twitter), XBerry Live (XBox Live), Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. There are a few others that I haven’t yet had a chance to play with like Flickr, Verizon Visual Voice Mail, VZ Navigator, Rhapsody, and Google Maps. Most of these apps are available on the in the built-in Application Center on the Storm. There’s more coming, and a full Application Store (like mobile iTunes) on it’s way.
    Camera: The picture quality on the 3.2 mp camera is great. The video recording is also great for a phone. Plus with a flash that can be used on photos and video, this is a great device to catch those spur of the moment photos or videos.
    Browser: This is a good browser. You can set it up to view mobile web pages, or full pages (as if viewed from Internet Explorer or Firefox). The visual quality of the browser is great, and zoom feature is working quite well. Once Flash is built into the browser, this will easily blow away 99% of the other mobile browsers available.
    Streaming Video: I visited the mobile YouTube site ( and searched for some of my favorite videos. Once clicked, the browser would open up my media player and begin streaming the videos just like on a PC/Mac. Worked, looked, sounded great. Very little lag (unless in area with bad reception).

    The Storm is quite good. Like any new piece of technology, it’s not perfect (I’ll talk about some areas for improvement in tomorrows piece). Fortunately, there is already a BlackBerry OS update (v4.7.0.75) leaked in the wild, and rumored that Verizon will be officially releasing this around December 5. Like the iPhone users, looks like us BlackBerry users are going to be treated to quick and regular software updates, as RIM, Verizon, and Vodaphone work to create the “Perfect Storm”.


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    • Shawn, thanks so much for giving these updates – I really appreciate you coming over to my blog to discuss my own considerations of iPhone vs. Storm with my Verizon contract running up.

      When I tried the Storm yesterday, my only concern about the typing interface was that it seemed kind of sluggish as though there was almost a delay between keystrokes (unlike the Treo 700p whose keys were much more responsive.) Is your sense that this is something you adapt to with longer use? The keys themselves seemed pretty big, esp relative to Treos and iPhones – are you still having trouble with accuracy or is that another thing that improves with use?

      Thanks again for these updates.

    • Abel,

      You and I are in the same boat as far as typing interfaces. Using both a Treo 650 and 700p, I have become extremely fast and accurate on the Treo keyboard. I have found that typing on the Storm is twice as slow and less accurate for me. I’m sure, over time (just like with the Treo), I will get better at it and more accurate. I’d be shocked if I ever type as fast on the Storm as I do with a Treo.

    • Vodafone loves Blackberry

      I got the new Storm2 9520 and is much better than the old one. The firmware has fixed several problems und bugs. nice job blackberry! *thumbsup*

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