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  • November Rain (When It Rains, It Pours)

    Posted on November 6th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    This is not necessarily about what you think…well, sorta.  I just took a look at recent posts, and realized…WOW, there’s a lot going on in November.  Let’s take a quick look.

    • Rock Band 2 to get 20 bonus tracks for download.  This is supposed to be released this week, still not out.  In the DLC world, that’s ~$20-40 worth of songs to play, for no additional cost.  Very cool, can’t wait to get this playing.
    • BlackBerry Bold and Storm both released in the U.S.  We know the Bold came out this week, and the Storm doesn’t have an official date yet.  It’s likely we will see both of these in November.
    • Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy get’s released.  The album 16 years in the making is coming to Best Buy exclusively on November 23.
    • Xbox Live update on November 19, known as the New Xbox Experience (NXE).  Lot’s of cool updates, for Xbox 360 users. Avatars, online parties/playing, and the biggie…Netflix streaming.  The best part, NXE is free and the online features are included to Xbox Live subscribers.
    • Netflix, Starz, and lot’s of network shows straming via Xbox 360 (see above).  This piece only requires the $9 per month Netflix fee.
    • Rock Band AC/DC released in Wal-Mart.  This came out early this week.  We aren’t rushing to get this, but will at some point. possibly when we see it on clearance.
    • Not previously mentioned, but I built a Roland electronic drum kit this month to play Rock Band.  I still need to modify the kit to make it work with the game.  Not sure this will be complete in November.

    For me, the instant pick ups are: Storm, Rock Band DLC, NXE and GNR album.  Going to be a busy month for the obsessions. What about your obsessions?  What would you add?


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    • For me the biggest draw of the NXE is the hard drive installs for disc-based games. Apparently it doesn’t help load times that much but just to not hear that disc spinning like a buzzsaw in the drive during a game makes it worth it for me.

    • You know my Xbox 360 is a 2007 build, so the drive is not loud at all. I did have an Elite from 2006 for a while and WOW that drive noise was ridiculous.

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