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  • November Obsessions Update

    Posted on November 19th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Continuing on our blast of culminating obsessions this month, here’s the update.

    • November 4 – Research In Motion & AT&T released the BlackBerry Bold.  Although it was released several months late, it’s by far the nicest BlackBerry to date…soon to be overshadowed by the Storm.
    • November 6 – Rock Band 2 Bonus DLC was released with little fanfare since it comtained mostly unknown artists and unknown songs.  But, heck, 20 free songs is 20 free songs.
    • November 18 – The weekly blast of Rock Band DLC came out.
    • November 19 – Microsoft will officially released the New Xbox Experience upon the masses (i.e. 14 million Xbox Live subscribers).  This will gives a beautiful update the Xbox 360 dashboard, bring on cool avatars, lot’s of social activities, and the biggie….Netflix streaming capabilities.
    • November 21 – Research In Motion & Verizon Wireless will release the most discussed BlackBerry of the year, the BlackBerry Storm.  This is the first BlackBerry with full touchscreen and amazing media capabilities.  It’s going to give AT&T and the iPhone some serious competition.
    • November 21 – I will be modifying my new (to me) Roland electronic drum kit to work with my Xbox 360 and Rock Band 2.  This will be fun, and the parts are on their way to at my house.  Of course, I need to buy and learn how to use a soldering iron.  That’s a scary thought.
    • November 23 – Best Buy will exclusively release the highly anticipated Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy, which is 15 years in the making.  I’ve seen that soon iTunes will also pick it up.  Hopefully, We will now have it in our store (see the ad to the right).

    Really, it’s going to be a crazy month of new stuff.  Of course, the obsessions don’t end there.  We will be using, abusing, and reviewing everything once we get our hands on it all.

    On the unofficial list, here are some other things coming up.

    • I will officially put the nail in the coffin “My Treo Obsession”.  This was the original title of this blog, and my whole reason for starting this thing up a couple years ago.  You can expect a big article in the next week or two, where I will officially retire both the Treo 650 and 700p, and hand them over to my children to destroy use as toys.

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