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  • NetFlix NXE Feature is Feared

    Posted on November 19th, 2008 Pabel No comments

    In what is clearly a throwback to high school pettiness, it looks like Sony has blocked some of their (or their subsidiaries) moviews from streaming to the Xbox 360.

    “Sony Pictures Home Entertainment subsidiary Columbia Pictures, has flicked previously available titles like Superbad, Bad Boys, and We Own the Night over to “Not available on Xbox” status.”

    While I would categorize this as mildly annoying to movie buffs, I think this speaks volumes about what Sony thinks of the NXE.  While we’ll go into more detail with our NXE Full Review, this could be a sign that the NXE really might begin to turn the console competition into the fight to be the home entertainment center hub.  This was highly touted when this generation first began, but is only now starting to come to fruition w/ the release of NXE and Sony’s little ‘Home’ experiment.

    Personally, I’m of the opinion NetFlix streaming is the biggest piece of news/functionaly in the NXE, and I see Sony’s actions as evidence of their similarly held view.

    What do you think?

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