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  • NXE is Getting NetFlix in HD

    Posted on October 29th, 2008 Pabel No comments

    It’s been officially announced that the first streaming HD content from NetFlix will be on the NXE coming to the 360 in mid-November.  This is huge because HD content from NetFlix isn’t available through their PC based streaming or through the set-top Roku player that supports NetFlix streaming.

    This is a huge coup for the 360 crowd, and I’m not exactly sure how we scored it.  Regardless, this makes one of the key features of the NXE even better.  So to tally it all up, if you have Xbox live and NetFlix subscriptions, you get access to all the NetFlix streaming content, some in HD, and access to StarZ programming which NetFlix recently announced they’ll be getting.  It’s been mentioned before, but this is huge, especially since you won’t have to hand over one extra red cent.

    Am I the only one that cares about this? Is this a big deal to any other Xbox users out there?


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