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  • Guitar Hero World Tour patch fixes (some) issues with Ion Drum Rocker

    Posted on October 29th, 2008 Maki 4 comments
    The recently-released Guitar Hero World Tour title update has corrected issues Ion Drum Rocker kits were having with the game on Xbox 360. Initially, the Ion was detected as a Guitar Hero kit (with 5 pads plus a kick pedal.) The problem arose whenever a cymbal was hit, since both the orange note and whatever color the cymbal was mapped to were triggered. The note streak was broken and it became almost impossible to gain star power, much less 5-star songs. An additional minor issue was velocity sensitivity not working at all on the red pad and preventing players from completing one of the drum tutorials.
    The new patch has fixes these issues by detecting the Ion as a Rock Band controller and using the 4 pad plus kick pedal configuration. While making the game playable, it unfortunately doesn’t make full use of the Ion kit’s cymbal attachments because now they are mapped to yellow, blue and/or green exclusively. Velocity sensitivity is now active for all pads and cymbals but drum tutorials are disabled unless you are using the Guitar Hero drums. “Accent” notes are disabled in gameplay as well, making velocity sensitivity a useless feature.
    In many ways this feels like a case of two steps forward and one step back. The game is playable and no longer an exercise in frustration for drummers, but hopefully future title updates will add orange note support for Ion owners and give them a reason not to go straight back to Rock Band 2 after they finish GHWT’s solo drum tour.

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    • Man, with each entry/review/details I read for GHWT, I feel less and less inclined to pick it up. I think I’m good with RB2 and all that it offers. Nothing in the Neversoft offering has me clamoring to give this game a look….

      Especially with FIFA 09 in the mail…..any other sports games fans out there?

    • Really, GHWT is all about the songs that aren’t in Rock Band. And they did end up with some very awesome, easily recognizable songs in there. I guess it all depends on how much you want to play Beat It, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Beautiful Disaster, Hot For Teacher, 3 Tool songs, etc. The way it’s set up now it feels like a track pack for Rock Band since they’re so similar. Well, other than the interface that isn’t nearly as good. The new guitar is pretty awesome, though. Probably the best reason to get the game.

    • Man, I love 311. I really hope RB gets Beautiful Disaster.

    • I’m a Madden fan from back in the day. Genesis, SNES, and even Dreamcast. Haven’t picked up any sports games on the 360 yet though.

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