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  • Did Harmonix make a big mistake with AC/DC Rock Band 2 content?

    Posted on October 8th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Rock Band ACDCHarmonix made Rock Band 2 with some great bands.  One of the bigger names is AC/DC, which has one song on the Rock Band 2 disc, Let There Be Rock.  It is a classic track, though arguably, not their best work.  More interestingly, Rock Band guitarists, bassists, and drummers are complaining that it is not an enjoyable song to play in the game.  Lot’s of fast repetitious segments, that hurt forearms and bores the player.

    That said, Harmonix is about to release a 3rd installment of Rock Band, known as Rock Band AC/DC LIVE.  This is a $30-$40 standalone game of 18 AC/DC songs.  Personally, I’m a big AC/DC fan from way back and am looking forward to more AC/DC content in Rock Band.  Though, I can tell you, most of their music is not very challenging and is repetitive.

    Let There Be Rock is a prime example of a repetitive song.  My concern here is for the casual Rock Band gamer, who is not a hard core AC/DC fan.  I’m thinking primarily of the guy or girl who’s first AC/DC experience is Rock Band 2.  To be fully honest, Let There Be Rock is one of the least fun songs to play in Rock Band 2.

    I think that the casual gamer will play Let There Be Rock and think, “this song sorta sucks, there’s no way I’m paying $40 for more of this crap”.  As a hardcore AC/DC fan myself, I’m already on the fence about not getting this upcoming AC/DC release, because I personally think it’s over priced by $10-20.

    I predict that Rock Band AC/DC LIVE will not be on any best sellers list.  I’ll got out on a limb and say it may even be a complete flop.  First of all, Rock Band players want downloadable content, not more discs.  Second (and most important), they want fun songs to play.  Although they may be fun to listen too, many AC/DC songs are repetitive and boring to play…and I think putting Let There Be Rock on the Rock Band 2 disc was a big mistake.  It was not the right dose of AC/DC to give the casual gamer, and it was not the proper reminder for old school AC/DC fans.

    What say you?

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