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  • BlackBerry Bold, on AT&T November 4

    Posted on October 22nd, 2008 Shawn No comments

    BoldWell, now you can FINALLY get your hands on a Bold (in the U.S.)  Since nearly every other land-based location in the world already has it, AT&T has finally given us a date of release.  November 4 it is.  Oh, and it’s $299 with a 2-year contract…holy crap, that’s expensive.

    You may know that I was all for the Bold back in the Winter, Spring, and Summer…then it just took too long and I heard about the Storm coming for Verizon.  Now the Bold is old news for me, and I’m holding out for the Storm.  Good news is, the Storm is looking to ship on Verizon only 10 days after the Bold on AT&T.  Yep, the Storm is due November 14.
    Looks like RIM will have a solid 3rd quarter this year.  Good thing since their stock (like everyone else’s) is currently in the crapper.

    What say you?  Bold, Storm?  Something else?  Don’t care?


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    • I’m still diggin my iPhone, to be honest. I’ve gone through a copious number of phone/smartphones, and I’ve never run up against one that I used more often, more efficiently, or with less hassle. It’s gonna take something pretty hefty to get me to go towards something else, I think.

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