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  • Verizons BlackBerry Storm Email

    Posted on September 19th, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    I just got a chill as I received my first email message titled “Thank You for Your Interest in the BlackBerry(r) Storm(tm)“. Looks like Verizon’s marketing campaign for this new BlackBerry beauty has begun. You already know that I will be getting this day one, but what about you? Do you have interest in this? Will you drop your current BB for this…(or more invasive) will you migrate to BB because of this phone (like I am doing)? Please leave comments and let us know what say you.


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    • Wow that is pretty exciting. Good to see the marketing folks actually know what they’re doing.

      So I gotta ask, is there no more deliberating? Are the Xperia, Bold, Android, Palm Pro and any other phone you’ve been monitoring completely out? Is it simply just a countdown to the Storm and 2 more years on Verizon, or is there any curiousity left?

    • It’s nearly set in stone at this point. Since my employer is requiring me to use BB, for them to cover the costs, there’s little chance of my going to another OS. As far as device, there’s still a possibility of the Bold, but even that is unlikely. My employer says “Verizon” is the preferred carrier.

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