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  • Too Good to Be True?

    Posted on September 3rd, 2008 Pabel No comments

    So I know this absolutely wreaks of vaporware and/or scam, but I just had to throw it out there and get people’s thoughts on the idea. Check this site out. It’s for a company “looking to change the video game landscape/industry forever.” Pretty lofty goals I know.

    What I thought was interesting was this concept piece called the Ubercron.

    Capable of playing quite literally any game ever released to any console, it is hard to see why anyone would ever choose or want another console.

    Would this be a game changer (no pun intended)? Initially, the idea of any game ever released is pretty enticing, but when I sit down and think about it, there are a couple of issues.

    1. How much would I use backwards compatibility? I have a Wii and have yet to purchase any old school Nintendo games even though I claim to want to. I have a 360 and have yet to purchase an original Xbox game over Live or even pop in and old Xbox disc. I’ve never owned a Playstation so the PS exclusives are not a huge draw for me.
    2. If it ever existed, how would it handle online play? I seriously doubt M$ or $ony would ever allow this thing to hook up to their online services as it would be money out of their pockets. That’s a killer right there.
    3. And most Importantly, how would anything like this machine support RB or Wii peripherals? Absolute deal-breaker.

    So I guess I’ve answered my own question; this is a non-starter for me. I guess the initial shock value of the concept got me excited. In actuality, I doubt anything like this could actually be pulled off.

    Hopefully, this possible piece of vaporware won’t end up in the same boat….this one I’d love to buy…


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