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  • Rock Band DLC: Issues with Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC??

    Posted on September 30th, 2008 Shawn 7 comments

    So, you know that Harmonix released the entire Blood Sugar Sex Magik album this morning on Xbox Live Marketplace for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Did you also know that 24 hours earlier Xbox Live was completely offline for an update? It was down for at least 24 hours. With that said, is anyone having issues downloading the Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC today?

    Before heading into work, I headed to the dungeon (aka my basement) and fired up my 360. I logged into Xbox Live no problem (this was at 8:30 am EST). NOTE: I tried doing this at 2:30 AM EST this morning, and Xbox Live was still offline.  That’s how I was able to confirm that it was actually down for at least 24 hours).

    After getting into XBL, I fired up Rock Band 2 and went to the Rock Band Store.  Happily, the album art for BSSM was right there and I cliked the buttons to “purchase”.  1600 MS points, BTW.  I won’t share what converts to in lira or dollars.

    Also note, the file size is 500MB.  Holy macaroni!!  1/2 a gig!  My 20 gigger drive is gonna be flat on it’s ass in no time.  But I’ll write another post on drive space consumption and next steps later.

    The download of BSSM began (remember, that’s what I was trying to do).  It said “download 1% complete”, so I left the dungeon and got ready for work.  After getting ready, I headed back down to shut everything off, and saw the message “download failed”.  Of course I said, “WTF?” and started the download again.  It was at 1% when I left the house, and I’m guessing it will fail again.

    Anyone else yet try to get today’s DLC?  Were you successful, or did you have issues?  Let me know, since I want to rock some Chili Peppers tonight.


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    • Same is happening to me. Tried to download “Breaking the Girl” and “Under the Bridge” and I got to 1% then failed. This happened at 1:45 EST.

    • Yeah. But only 4of the songs give me problems. I don’t remember which ones, but I’m getting back on to see if it’ll work now.

    • I had this problem
      i tried under the bridge and suck my kiss then i wen tto online band and no prob wit dat but no dlcin song pisses me off

    • mine also failed…I dont know what to do, you cant get the points back…

    • Last night when I got home, my 360 was off. Thanks to someone in the house who will remain nameless.

      So, I fired it up and started the DLC download again. It jumped immediately to 8%, which is likely where it left off when the 360 was shut down.

      I let it continue. After about 1.5 hours, the download completed and I was rocking the entire BSSM last night.

      Were you able to get yours to complete?

    • I am having the same problem It keeps failing at 1% i cant download the songs…

      you think this would have been fixed or addressed seems to be a large issue..

    • i dont think anyone has really called in to report it until today haha. I spoke with xbox live and they said try direct hardwire to router still didnt work…

      Another guy reported on xbox live forums

      I have tried downloading it too. I get the same status code with the message after 1% is downloaded. I called support and after trying to get me to clear my hard drive cache and everything and putting me on hold they came back and said that lots of people are having the same problem. The only thing they could tell me is to keep trying to download it, so I take it that it’s being worked on. They told me if I still couldn’t download it in 12 hours to call them back.

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