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  • Rock Band 2: Favorite Songs, Can’t Wait to Play, Hated It

    Posted on September 23rd, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Now that you Xbox 360 owners have picked up your copy of Rock Band 2, let’s talk about the songs for a minute.  There’s 84 of them (plus there have already been lot’s of DLC added –Rush + others).

    I’m wondering what songs are you loving in RB2 + new DLC, and which instrument are you loving them on. Also, what songs have you yet to play (because you are not able to spend 5 hours a day glued to your 360), but are chomping at the bit to try? What are you disappointed with?

    Leave your comments below and let’s discuss.

    For me, here’s my list of loves:
    Hungry Like the Wolf  (vocals, drums).
    I know that I’m alone.  No one wants to play this with me

    My Own Worst Enemy (vocals, drums)
    Played this with some friends before (read: SAYD), so it’s nostalgic.

    Cool For Cats (drums)
    2 words: drum solo

    One Step Closer (vocals, drums)
    I wish I could yell “Shut Up” like Chester.  Still working on it, my wife isn’t impressed.

    Here’s my list of can’t waits:
    Go Your Own Way
    Any Way you Want It
    Shackler’s Revenge
    Carry On Wayward Son
    Chop Suey!
    Let There Be Rock
    Panic Attack

    My list of Not so much:
    So What’cha Want (drums, guitar), but lot’s of fun on vocals
    Lump (vocals). I can’t 100% this and I don’t know why

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