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  • My Treo: Nearly Extinct

    Posted on September 9th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Here’s my latest Treo update.  It’s been a while since I posted, but hear goes….This is the official “beginning of the end” post.

    Just two days after updating my Palm Treo 700p with the latest ROM update (see post: Treo 700p for Verizon 1.11 Update, not smooth), my 700p stopped functioning as a phone, due to my headphone jack breaking.  You see, my headphone jack thinks that I have a wired headset plugged in at all times, even when there’s nothing plugged in.  The downside of it is all sound is sent to the headset (i.e rings, calls, music, voicemail).  Nothing is emitted to the handset or the speakerphone.  Oh, and since the headset jack thinks a wired headset is plugged in, calls do not get routed to a Bluetooth headset either.  Can you say, dead in the water?

    So, that’s a real bummer.

    Fortunately, I gave my three year old son my old Treo 650 as a game device about a year ago.  He uses it on long rides on the car, or waiting for food at restaurants.  It’s a great way to keep him occupied when there is nothing fun for him nearby.

    I convinced him that I’d need to borrow the phone back from him for a short time, and he obliged.  Good kid, his parents must be doing a great job with him.  🙂  So, I reactivated my Treo 650 and deactived my 700p from Verizon.

    Of course, the 650 doesn’t charge due to too many plugs/unplugs from the Athena connector.  So, when I need to recharge the battery, I need to take it out and put the battery in the 700p and recharge.  Not so much fun.  Plus, my Palm Desktop is all setup with the 700p.  So for syncing calender, tasks, and contacts, I need to sync the 700p.  Basically, I’m rocking soft-rocking a 650 and 700p at the same time.  There’s nothing quite like a brick in each pocket!  It’s not exactly the twilight days of my life with Palm and the Treo.
    To take it one step further, I decided to reduce my phone plan.  I’ve dropped my minutes from 900 to 450, since I don’t use that many minutes these days.  More importantly, I completely dropped my data plan.  I figured, since I no longer use my Treo as a work device, there is really no need to pay $45 a month for personal email and crappy web browsing.

    This is the first time since 2005 that I have not had email in my pocket at all times.  I feel like this guy right  now, desperately in need of a fix.

    I have, at most, 3 months left as a Treo user and a Palm customer.  Many of you know that my new employer plans to pick up my business phone/data plan…as long as it’s on a BlackBerry.  So, as soon as the Bold, Thunder, and/or Storm drop, I will retire both Treo’s and forever as long as I’m forced be a RIM customer.

    I guess the good of it is, once the Treo’s get retired, my son can get “his” 650 back, and my 1 year old daughter can get the 700p.  Now, they won’t have to fight over each others high-tech fake phones.

    This is how it’s winding down.  I’ve got my scopes on AT&T relasing the Bold by end of month, and Verizon releasing the Storm by mid November.  Which one will I get?  Hmmm….Bold with the Treo form factor or Storm with the iPhone form factor.  That is going to be a tough choice.


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