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  • AT&T scared of Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm?

    Posted on September 24th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Well, lookey here. AT&T is showing signs fear, due to Verizon’s upcoming BlackBerry Storm release. If you don’t know, the Storm is the closest thing to an iPhone killer to be created. Thanks to BoyGeniusReport and CrackBerry for tracking down this supposed internal AT&T announcement.

    It is directly a hit to develop the Anti-Storm movement. It doesn’t even infer anything, it’s a direct hit on Storm, very interesting. Smells like someone (i.e. ma bell) is shaking in her shoes.

    Here’s my take, then I want to hear yours.

    The photo says Storm does not have multi-touch, but BB and Verizon marketing disagrees. The Storm is listed as a multi-touch device. So, WTF AT&T with the possible lies?

    Pintones Ringtone Loader For Blackberry.

    Sure, iPhone has a central store, iTunes. No dispute, Apple has a centralized controlling location to get iPhone apps…though that’s limiting, since Apple does not officially allow any 3rd-parties to create/distribute iPhone software. With BlackBerry, you can get software form several 3rd party developers/distributors. So, I do love the iTunes model, but I dispute that Apple being fully governing is better for consumers.

    iPhone is integrated with iTunes for on the go. Big F****ng deal. BlackBerry is going to have Slacker support, Rhapsody support, and others out of the box.

    iPhone has WiFi.   In a word, “ouch”.  Point iPhone, and finally something accuracte from AT&T propganda.

    iPhone has three bands.  So what?  Storm with have CDMA and GSM coverage.  It’s a WorldPhone, so both have full coverage.

    iPhone has GPS and maps.  C’mon AT&T, have you done any homework?  Storm has GPS and Google Mape, plus other GPS software options.

    iPhone has rich HTML email.  OMG megatons, so will the Storm.  Man, this ad is terrible, and filled iwth mistruths.

    iPhone uses Safari (which is based on webkit).  So, the Storm browser is built on webkit too.  Again, no win for iPhone.

    You know, until now, I was not a fanboy of the Storm, but I was interested in it.  Now, thanks to AT&T’s BS fest, I’m now really looking forward to hands-on iPhone / Storm head-to-heads.

    Rant over.  What say you?

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