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  • AC/DC Officially coming to Rock Band…via retail, not DLC

    Posted on September 30th, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    Ok, some awesome (and not-so awesome) news outta the Harmonix camp today.  Joystiq and New York Times are reporting that 18 AC/DC songs from their Live at Donnington DVD will be released for Rock Band in early November.  Sweet, yes (Scott you must be running out to buy your Xbox 360 now) .  It will be available for all platforms.  But there’s a catch.  It’s a Track Pack (AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack).  Do you know what that means?

    That means, it’s not downloadable content, it’s a new disc.  Why, why why?  Why would you make Xbox 360 and PS3 users buy another Rock Band disc?  Everyone is crapping on what Activision has down with the Guitar Hero series (i.e. Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica (rumor), Guitar Hero Hendrix (rumor).  All on seperate discs….too much media and too much cost.

    I have no problems paying $30 for some solid AC/DC.  I am very excited for this content.  But, I really don’t want to use another disc.  Please make it DLC for 360 and PS3 users.

    I hope at worst case, we only need to insert the disc once and copy the tracks to our 360.

    Ok, let me turn the tables for one minute.  Now, we know that Rock Band DLC generally consists of just the music and charts, but doesn’t contain any new arenas, charaters, instruments or clothing.  If this track pack gave us something more than just 18 AC/DC songs, such as the actual Donnington arena and possibly some Angus Young clothing or a Gibson SG (Angus’ guitar) for our characters….that would be very cool.  Though, all this could (and should) still be made as DLC.

    Rant over.  What say you?  Are you craving some AC/DC?  Will to treck to your local Wal-Mart (or other retailer of choice) and pick this up?

    UPDATE1: The content from the disc will be importable to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 for 360 and PS3 users.  So, that means you will only have to use the disc one time.

    UPDATE2: It’s going to be $40 for 360 and PS3.  I think that’s a bit pricey for only 18 songs.  Even by XBox Marketplace full price of $2 a download standards, this is overpriced.  I’m likely to hold off until there is a clearance sale, if that’s going to be the price.  You?

  • Rock Band DLC: Issues with Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC??

    Posted on September 30th, 2008 Shawn 7 comments

    So, you know that Harmonix released the entire Blood Sugar Sex Magik album this morning on Xbox Live Marketplace for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Did you also know that 24 hours earlier Xbox Live was completely offline for an update? It was down for at least 24 hours. With that said, is anyone having issues downloading the Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC today?

    Before heading into work, I headed to the dungeon (aka my basement) and fired up my 360. I logged into Xbox Live no problem (this was at 8:30 am EST). NOTE: I tried doing this at 2:30 AM EST this morning, and Xbox Live was still offline.  That’s how I was able to confirm that it was actually down for at least 24 hours).

    After getting into XBL, I fired up Rock Band 2 and went to the Rock Band Store.  Happily, the album art for BSSM was right there and I cliked the buttons to “purchase”.  1600 MS points, BTW.  I won’t share what converts to in lira or dollars.

    Also note, the file size is 500MB.  Holy macaroni!!  1/2 a gig!  My 20 gigger drive is gonna be flat on it’s ass in no time.  But I’ll write another post on drive space consumption and next steps later.

    The download of BSSM began (remember, that’s what I was trying to do).  It said “download 1% complete”, so I left the dungeon and got ready for work.  After getting ready, I headed back down to shut everything off, and saw the message “download failed”.  Of course I said, “WTF?” and started the download again.  It was at 1% when I left the house, and I’m guessing it will fail again.

    Anyone else yet try to get today’s DLC?  Were you successful, or did you have issues?  Let me know, since I want to rock some Chili Peppers tonight.

  • Rock Band gets Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC next week

    Posted on September 26th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    We all knew it was coming, since it was promised a few weeks back.  I am so excited that Harmonix has announced next week’s DLC will be the entire Blood Sugar Sex Magik album by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it’s the extended album with 16 tracks. 

    Personally, I believe this to be the best Chili Peppers album of all time…probably because it was very popular in my last two years of high school (oh the memories).  It is definitely on my top ten list of all time favorite albums.  This will be one of my favorite DLC weeks since the beginning of the RB era.  Needless to say, I will be picking up the entire thing as soon as it comes out on Tuesday (and hope you do too).

    BTW, Give It Away will not be part of the pack…duh, since that came on the RB2 disc.  So, if you haven’t already gotten it, what are you waiting for?  Oh, still on PS2, PS3, or Wii…sorry.  Xbox 360’ers unite!

    Here’s the official from Harmonix’s own Sean:

    Hey everybody,

    We’re proud to announce next week’s content for DLC – Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik full album. One track from this album Give It Away is available on the Rock Band 2 disc.

    Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

    The Power of Equality
    If You Have to Ask
    Breaking the Girl
    Funky Monks
    Suck My Kiss
    I Could Have Lied
    Mellowship Slinky in B Major
    The Righteous & The Wicked
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    Under the Bridge
    Naked in the Rain
    Apache Rose Peacock
    The Greeting Song
    My Lovely Man
    Sir Psycho Sexy
    They’re Red Hot

    The full album of Blood Sugar Sex Magikwill be available for [deleted cash value, we don’t need to be reminded] (1600 Microsoft Points). Each track will also be available for [CENSORED] individually (160 Microsoft Points). The album will be available on Tuesday, September 30th on Xbox 360, and Thursday, October 2nd on PS3.

    To discuss the week’s DLC please go here.

    For all DLC song credits please go here.

    And, as always, for awesome background information on our DLC and other articles please visit

  • My Favorite Song of the Day – MFSD

    Posted on September 26th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    It’s time for a new MFSD. Today it’s MTV’s designated Best New Artist of 2006, Avenged Sevenfold. This metal quintet has some classic late-80’s metal sounds, but just perfected. Their 2007 album made the sound a bit more mainstream, and the song Afterlife really highlights how these metal heads can get them some radio friendly play. Check out Afterlife below, and pick it up as Rock Band DLC for 160 MS Points.

    This is the 3rd songs by Avenged Sevenfold on the Rock Band series. In my opinion, it is by far the best. It’s tough for everyone in the band, and the bass line is a bit crazy.  You can also pick up Critical Acclaim for 160 MS points, and get Almost Easy on the Rock Band 2 disc.

  • BlackBerry getting Slacker Media Player Application

    Posted on September 25th, 2008 Shawn 1 comment

    OK, CrackBerry addicts probably already know about the announcement since it dropped at CTIA 10 days ago.  I’m here to clear up things, and answer questions (as well as jump up and down like a giddy school girl).

    First, BlackBerry has never been known as a media powerhouse (until now).  Full disclosure, I have yet to spend more than 5 minutes with a BlackBerry in my hands.  The world renowned media powerhouse of course is the iPod and iPhone, that’s not going to change.  For me, I’m all about convergence: phone, PDA, media, etc all in one device.  This is why I’m writing this.

    I am a Slacker user, and have been since the day Slacker opened it’s doors.  “What is it?” you ask.  Slacker is a few things.  First, it’s a web site with online free customizable radio stations, been rocking since early 2007.  Slacker is also a desktop client that does the same thing, plus also can manage your personal music (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc).  Third, Slacker (what they have strived for) is a personal media player.  Yes, an iPod competitor…with a big-ass twist.  The personal player stores online radio stations via WiFi on the player that you can take with you (disconnected from the internet) wherever you go.  So, it competes with not only iPods, but also internet radio and satellite radio.  The player also has storage for your personal media files too (MP3, WMA, etc).  If it wasn’t for lack of Bluetooth audio (A2DP) support, I’d have one of the personal players right now.

    For some history on Slacker the company: The people at Slacker are the same people that made the very popular desktop media player MusicMatch Jukebox popular in the late 90’s / early 2000’s.  They sold it off to Yahoo and Yahoo killed it off with some bad builds and rebranding.  The Slacker people have some solid history on the online / PC music player business.

    NOTE: I’m not affiliated with BB or Slacker in any way.  I’m just a Slacker fanboy.

    Now, the announcement has come out that BlackBerry will be getting a Slacker client.  I’m psyched!  I had been asking the Slacker guys to build a client for Palm OS (since that’s how I’ve rolled for the past 4 years).  They never officially announced players other than their desktop, web, and personal player devices, until now.

    In the coming months, you BlackBerry owners (and soon me) will have the ultimate converged device.  I can tell you from almost two years of use, the Slacker apps are great, and the music (selection & quality) is top notch.  To have this app on a BlackBerry is going to be killer!  To have it on the upcoming BlackBerry Storm (if marketed correctly) could be an iPhone killer.  (I doubt it will really make an iPhone dent, but it is possible).

    Slacker for BB, will allow you to download radio stations via WiFi or data plan connection, then play those stations back when you are out of coverage.  Means, it downloads the music compressed to your BB’s internal (or memory card) memory.  So, FREE music (or subscription for unlimited skips / ad free) just like Pandora, with album art / bios / details etc.

    BlackBerry Software Advertisement: Pintones Ringtone Loader For Blackberry.

    I can’t contain my excitement for the Storm and Slacker combination coming in November.  Great move RIM, and I look forward to becoming a customer soon.  And thank you Slacker for teaming up with them.  NOTE:  I’m under the impression that not many people have known about Slacker, and this partnership is a desperation attempt on Slacker’s part for more market share. As a Slacker user, music aficionado, and converged device junky, this is an incredibly good announcement.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Slacker (but are music lovers), I’m telling you, get excited!  For those of you who are familiar with Slacker, leave some comments on your opinion of it.

  • AT&T scared of Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm?

    Posted on September 24th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Well, lookey here. AT&T is showing signs fear, due to Verizon’s upcoming BlackBerry Storm release. If you don’t know, the Storm is the closest thing to an iPhone killer to be created. Thanks to BoyGeniusReport and CrackBerry for tracking down this supposed internal AT&T announcement.

    It is directly a hit to develop the Anti-Storm movement. It doesn’t even infer anything, it’s a direct hit on Storm, very interesting. Smells like someone (i.e. ma bell) is shaking in her shoes.

    Here’s my take, then I want to hear yours.

    The photo says Storm does not have multi-touch, but BB and Verizon marketing disagrees. The Storm is listed as a multi-touch device. So, WTF AT&T with the possible lies?

    Pintones Ringtone Loader For Blackberry.

    Sure, iPhone has a central store, iTunes. No dispute, Apple has a centralized controlling location to get iPhone apps…though that’s limiting, since Apple does not officially allow any 3rd-parties to create/distribute iPhone software. With BlackBerry, you can get software form several 3rd party developers/distributors. So, I do love the iTunes model, but I dispute that Apple being fully governing is better for consumers.

    iPhone is integrated with iTunes for on the go. Big F****ng deal. BlackBerry is going to have Slacker support, Rhapsody support, and others out of the box.

    iPhone has WiFi.   In a word, “ouch”.  Point iPhone, and finally something accuracte from AT&T propganda.

    iPhone has three bands.  So what?  Storm with have CDMA and GSM coverage.  It’s a WorldPhone, so both have full coverage.

    iPhone has GPS and maps.  C’mon AT&T, have you done any homework?  Storm has GPS and Google Mape, plus other GPS software options.

    iPhone has rich HTML email.  OMG megatons, so will the Storm.  Man, this ad is terrible, and filled iwth mistruths.

    iPhone uses Safari (which is based on webkit).  So, the Storm browser is built on webkit too.  Again, no win for iPhone.

    You know, until now, I was not a fanboy of the Storm, but I was interested in it.  Now, thanks to AT&T’s BS fest, I’m now really looking forward to hands-on iPhone / Storm head-to-heads.

    Rant over.  What say you?

  • Rock Band 2: Favorite Songs, Can’t Wait to Play, Hated It

    Posted on September 23rd, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Now that you Xbox 360 owners have picked up your copy of Rock Band 2, let’s talk about the songs for a minute.  There’s 84 of them (plus there have already been lot’s of DLC added –Rush + others).

    I’m wondering what songs are you loving in RB2 + new DLC, and which instrument are you loving them on. Also, what songs have you yet to play (because you are not able to spend 5 hours a day glued to your 360), but are chomping at the bit to try? What are you disappointed with?

    Leave your comments below and let’s discuss.

    For me, here’s my list of loves:
    Hungry Like the Wolf  (vocals, drums).
    I know that I’m alone.  No one wants to play this with me

    My Own Worst Enemy (vocals, drums)
    Played this with some friends before (read: SAYD), so it’s nostalgic.

    Cool For Cats (drums)
    2 words: drum solo

    One Step Closer (vocals, drums)
    I wish I could yell “Shut Up” like Chester.  Still working on it, my wife isn’t impressed.

    Here’s my list of can’t waits:
    Go Your Own Way
    Any Way you Want It
    Shackler’s Revenge
    Carry On Wayward Son
    Chop Suey!
    Let There Be Rock
    Panic Attack

    My list of Not so much:
    So What’cha Want (drums, guitar), but lot’s of fun on vocals
    Lump (vocals). I can’t 100% this and I don’t know why

  • No WiFi on BlackBerry Storm…WTF??!

    Posted on September 23rd, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    The “unoffical” specs of the BlackBerry Storm have been leaked on the CrackBerry forums.  They look quite impressive and get things pretty exciting.  But for one thing, no WiFi.  Possibly a deal breaker for me.  Specs below, followed by a jumbled rant.

    • EVDO Rev A: (1900/800 MHz)
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
    • WiFi: None
    • Size: 112.52 x 62.2 x 13.95 mm
    • Screen 3.25 ” HVGA+ 480×360 Multi-touch, Gesture Touch
    • Battery: 1400mAh (removable! take that iPhone!)
    • Memory: 1GB flash for media/ 192 meg ram
    • Camera: 3.2 MP camera, vanity mirror, no flash
    • Audio: 3.5mm jack, bluetooth stereo, Rhapsody OTA purchase and tethered subscription capable
    • Browser: Every feature the IPhone safari webkit has, minus support for tabs. No flash support.

    I live in an area that gets little to no service.  I like using my smartphone for Internet radio.  It’s great to stream music/podcasts while doing yard work.  With no WiFi and crappy Verizon service at home, I’m now officially torn about what to do with the Storm.

    I need your thoughts on this.

  • Rock Band 2 Drum Trainer

    Posted on September 22nd, 2008 Shawn 1 comment

    Rock Band DrumsWhat are people thinking of the Drum Trainer in RB2? Have you hit any of the achievements yet?

    I got the two Beat Trainer achievements last night: Beat It! and The Beat Goes On. I should get the Fill Trainer accomplishments tonight.

    As a drummer (outside of RB), I think the Drum Trainer is quite good for someone learning. It covers a lot of standard beats and fills. The one thing that you don’t get on the Drum Trainer, is guidance on which hand you should use for the more complicated beats. It’s important to properly alternate left-right hands on some complicated beats/fills, and would have been nice if Harmonix added that info into the trainer. Other than that, it’s a great feature.

  • Verizons BlackBerry Storm Email

    Posted on September 19th, 2008 Shawn 2 comments

    I just got a chill as I received my first email message titled “Thank You for Your Interest in the BlackBerry(r) Storm(tm)“. Looks like Verizon’s marketing campaign for this new BlackBerry beauty has begun. You already know that I will be getting this day one, but what about you? Do you have interest in this? Will you drop your current BB for this…(or more invasive) will you migrate to BB because of this phone (like I am doing)? Please leave comments and let us know what say you.

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