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    Posted on August 18th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    For me, the guys at Harmonix have been on a roll for three weeks straight.  The DLC has been good, if not great, in my opinion.  And it is continuing again this week.

    Let’s recap, two weeks ago we got System Of A Down (SOAD) and a 2nd edition of Crue Fest tracks.  I picked up the SOAD stuff, and am loving it.  They are one of my favorite bands in recent years.  Last week, we got a heavy metal pack by RoadRunner records, containing the likes of Dream Theater, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, and more.  I picked up the Dream Theater track, and OMG it is freakin’ hard on drums.  I’ve only played it once, and failed on hard.  I will be working on that one over the next few days.  BTW, Dream Theater is in my top 10 favorite band list of all time.

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    Now, to this week.  Five new tracks to be released, by three bands new to Rock Band.  Reviews are calling it a “new wave” pack of singles, but I’m just calling it awesome.  Duran Duran, Devo, and the Janitors show up on Rock Band DLC this week.  Now, see a recent post on my love/thoughts of Duran Duran making into RB2.  We get Girls On Film and Rio from “double” Duran this week (two of my favorite Duran songs… and an old band of mine used to jam Rio during practices).  The Devo stuff doesn’t include the famed Whip It, so I will give it a listen to determine what I think.  The Janitors is new to me, so I will give them a listed too on Tuesday.

    • “Girl U Want” by Devo – 160
    • “Through Being Cool” by Devo – 160
    • “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran – 160
    • “Rio” by Duran Duran – 160
    • “Get Your Rock On” by The Janitors – 80

    Three weeks in a row of some of my favorite bands/songs (SOAD, Dream Theater, and Duran Duran), equals me needing more MS points.  I’m loving this!

    Let me think for a second, what would I love to see in future weeks?   Hmmm.

    • Dream Theater (6:00, Metropolis)
    • Dave Matthews Band (Too Much, So Much To Say, or something from a live album)
    • Guns N’ Roses (You’re Crazy, It’s So Easy, Double Talkin’ Jive, Pretty Tied Up)
    • Skid Row (Slave to the Grind)
    • Green Day (American Idiot entire album)

    What about you?  Will you be buying this week?  Are you still bitter and holding out for Nevermind, or hoping for something else in the near future?


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    • I’m most definitely still protesting all DLC until Nevermind is out. Not necessarily because I love Nirvana or anything, but just because it’s been detailed as coming soon since RB came out.

      Of course, the above statement is rendered meaningless if Green Day, RATM, or Linkin Park are released.

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