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  • Storm Is Brewing

    Posted on August 28th, 2008 Pabel No comments

    Thanks to the detectives at Engadget, it looks like we have our first juicy tidbit on the BlackBerry “Thunder.”

    First off it looks like it’s going to be called the Storm. It also looks very similar to the early rumored pics of what BB’s touchscreen phone would look like. One interesting detail is that it’s going to come preloaded with an 8GB SanDisk microSD card. It’s also going to have a SIM Card and adapter clips for the travel charger making it a legit global phone.

    So does this change the smartphone landscape at all? Do people need to hold off on their Bold purchases to give the storm a try? This phone is Verizon’s response to the Bold going on other carriers for now and makes things a lot more interesting. Looks like it may now come down to the carrier you want.


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    • Screw the Bold. Get me this thing ASAP!
      * It’s on Verizon, which I am already on. That’s the recommended carrier for my work Score!
      * It’s a WorldPhone, so can use GSM outside of U.S. The boss will be happy with that.
      * Plus all the goodyness that is this phone.

      Later Palm, the divorce papers have been drafted. Just need your signature and we will go our separate ways. Sorry Windows Mobile, it just wasn’t meant too be. iPhone who?

    • Nice…looks like your patience is paying off sir. Don’t know how you did it, but you’ve managed to get it all in one phone, minus the keyboard. If RIM did it right though, I think you’ll grow to like a virtual keyboard with good AutoCorrect.

      So does this now mean that the countdown has begun to the touchscreen smartphone wars? This looks like the only true, viable, and credible competitor to the iPhone. Will this little slice of cyberspace become the battleground?

    • Yes, my friend. Once the Storm drops, it’s on! iPhone 3G vs. BB Storm head-to-head weekly battles. More ways to waste time during the day.

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