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  • ROM Updates Released for Verizon and Alltel Treo 700p/wx

    Posted on August 12th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Just when I thought my days as a Treo user/reporter were dead and gone, I get smacked upside the head with some relevant and shocking news. The folks at TreoCenral have got the scoop on an update to the 700 series, both Palm Garnet OS and Windows Mobile.

    I’m truly in shock. Since the BlackBerry Bold hasn’t yet been released on AT&T, I’m still rocking the 700p on Verizon. Read the deets below, and check back later this week for my review, as I will be bricking updating my 700p later this week with the new ROM.

    From TreoCentral:

    Palm Infocenter is reporting that Palm has released ROM updates for the Verizon version of the 700p and the Alltel 700wx. Most of the folks reported in our forums of success with the last ROM update, 1.10, which was a Re-Release. Remember how the ROM update had been removed because of “Error 3000” (Data network is not available)?

    Unfortunately, many Sprint 700p owners bricked their Treos when they updated their devices last year. And whew, that was one heck of a saga. The Sprint ROM update only came about in the first place after TreoCentral forum member Bob-C organized a campaign and wrote an open letter to Palm asking for answers about the crap load of bugs on the 700p.

    Palm’s latest ROM update for the Verizon 700p is ROM version 1.11. This is a Radio Patch “for a phone reset issue that occurs under certain specific and rare conditions.” LOL, I’d like to know what those “certain specific and rare conditions” are.

    Do you need this update?

    To see if you need the update, on your Treo, press Phone and then press Menu. From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Look for the Software Version. If you see:

    • Treo700p-1.06-VZW: Before performing this update, you must update your device to version 1.10. This required device update is available here.
    • Treo700p-1.10-VZW: An update is necessary and will take approximately 30-45 minutes.
    • Treo700p_-1.10-VZW: An update is necessary and will take approximately 30-45 minutes.
    • Treo700p-1.11-VZW: No update is necessary.

    For more about the update, and for the download, go to Palm’s support site.

    Palm also released a Radio Patch for the Alltel Treo 700wx, version 1.12. This upate is also for a phone reset issue that occurs under “certain specific and rare conditions.”

    To see if you need this update, tap the Start tab, tap Settings, tap System tab, and then tap the Phone tab. Look for the Software Version. If you see:

    • Treo700wx-1.11-ROWEN An update is necessary and will take approximately 15-25 minutes.
    • Treo700wx-1.12-ROWEN No update is necessary.

    You install the 1.12 ROM update with an expansion card and reader. You can download the update at Palm’s support site.

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