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  • New Guitar Controller on it’s way for PS2 and 3

    Posted on August 1st, 2008 Shawn No comments

    The Fender Stratocaster of PS2/PS3 controllers
    From neoseeker:
    Know a Guitar Hero freak, or a Rock Band guru? Or do you yourself dream (or have nightmares) of nailing that solo in Free Bird, on expert? You might be interested in this new faux-guitar controller coming from gaming peripheral company Peak Products.

    The ‘Starpex’ is a fairly big step up from the standard plastic guitars that most of us are familiar with. The Starpex is as large as a regular guitar, and the body, neck and headstock are made out of actual, straight-from-a-tree, sections of wood. The Starpex is compatible with PS2/PS3 versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

    In addition to the look of the thing, there are a couple of new features introduced with the Starpex. There is a “Speed Star Power / Overdrive Button” that allows players to get quickly get their Star Power / Overdrive game on.

    Will the Starpex improve your Guitar Hero scores? Maybe. Will you look and feel much cooler playing Guitar Hero with the Starpex? Probably.

    It’ll be selling for $180 at Circuit City in late August. You can check out some more details over here.

    Props to yet another Boston-based company making cool stuff!!!

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