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  • I Fear the Reaper

    Posted on August 26th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    Tonight started as a good night for Rock Band.  Fired up the 360 hoping to finish out Los Angeles drums on Expert and move onto the final city in the solo tour.  I had four songs to get through to make this happen: Cherub Rock, Enter Sandman, Highway Star, and (Don’t Fear) the Reaper.

    I knocked the Cherub and Sandman out of the park.  Highway Star surprisingly was easier than I had anticipated.  All three songs I either 4 or 5 starred the first time through.  I was on fire, right?  Wrong! Then I tried the Reaper.  Overall, easy song…then the break/bridge in the middle.  Freakin’ impossible.  I failed at 63% three times in a row.  Then spent the next 30 minutes practicing that part, and could only get 83% in practice mode.

    So I figured I’d cool off and play some online quick band.  Played some Coheed, some Dirty Little Secret, and something else.  Played well, all was good.  Time to slay that Reaper.  Nope.

    It wasn’t meant to be tonight.  The Reaper reamed me a new one.  I called it a night with some Cars DLC to cool off and that was that.  One song remains on L.A. and I hang my head low tonight as the Reaper beat me.

    I’ll get you next time Reaper, next time!

    BTW, did anyone notice that the Rush DLC still isn’t available?  It’s 10:30 pm ET.  What happened Harmonix?

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