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  • Where’s the Sweetspot?

    Posted on July 30th, 2008 Pabel No comments

    So I may be way behind on this but I just came across this review on I’m not sure how I feel about a BB flip-phone. I thought the Pearl was RIM’s foray into the consumer market. Personally, I don’t know that I’d get a BB flip-phone over any other brand if that’s what I was looking for. I mean, if I want email and web-browsing not controlled by a carrier walled garden, I feel like I’ve gotta go with a PDA type smartphone as opposed to this thing, especially since it’s in a lot of ways bigger than a pearl.

    At a projected $50 subsidized price, it looks like this is an attempt to get to the mass market and then ease them into data plans which is a big revenue stream for the carriers. I mean without the data services, why in the world would you get this flip over any other?

    As time goes on, could it be that the lines between “business focus” and “consumer focus” are just going to continue to blur? I mean the king of business devices (BB) is looking at releasing the Thunder w/ no physical keyboard which is usually a big requirement for the business crowd. Not to mention that starting with the Pearl, RIM was much more focused on the consumer as evidenced by their inclusion of media capabilities in subsequent models.

    Then you have the iPhone which is now trying to address the chief complaint of limited enterprise support, even though it started as the king of consumer/personal smartphones. Granted, it will be a long time before the “normal” phone dies, but what does this say about where the phone companies and carriers think we’re going? In the interest of full disclosure, I’m only a year and a half into this brave new smartphone world, but now that I’m here I can’t go back. Is this “crackberry” type disease going to continue to spread and lead to us always needing email, internet, etc. in our hands? With the apparent move to cell phones as the only phones many people have (sorry Ma-Bell and the like), is RIM just ahead of the curve and starting to tap the ‘converting’ crowd, or is this phone going to be a huge miss?


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    • To quote one of my favorite all time songs:
      “I’m Like Ma Bell, I Got The Ill Communication
      Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication
      Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication Who’s That
      Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication word ’em up wo-word ’em up
      Ma Bell eueheueeh eaa eaa eaa haa
      Keep It on And On..”
           Beastie Boys and Q-Tip, Get It Together

      Great post. I think the Kickstart 8220, or whatever RIM calls it will be a hit, like the Treo Centro. The Treo Centro just hit 2 million sold, the fastest selling Palm smartphone ever. Neither will ever be as big as the iPhone, but I think the 8220 will do what the Centro did and convert “dumb”phone users into smartphone users, for cheap money. Then, just like crack, you are hooked. Centro users will buy the next generation Palm Treo for $300+ and data plan, BB 8220 users will by the next generation Bold or Thunder for $300+ and data plan.

      Once you have data, you never go back….this from the guy who had a Nextel and 2 “dumb”phones (2000 – 2004) and then Treo 650 (2004 – 2007), Treo 700p (2007 – now), and late this year will go either to BlackBerry Bold or Treo 800w…all depends on what the boss is willing to pay for.

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