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  • Extra! Extra! GH:WT Set List is a Fake

    Posted on July 25th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    This may come as good or bad news, depending on how you took yesterdays news about the Guitar Hero World Tour set list. Representatives from Activision and Neversoft have responded to yesterdays leaked set list. They state that although some of the songs on the leaked list will be on World Tour, that the leaked list is a fake. We can commit that “Hot For Teacher” has made the cut, but all else is still speculation.

    For me, ok….I’m fine with this. Actually, I was a little bummed out yesterday when I realized that:
    1) there were too many duplicates from GH:WT and RB1 & 2.
    2) there were some awesome songs slated for GH:WT and not on RB (i.e. Pull Me Under, Bleed It Out, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Kickstart My Heart, Bat Country, Toxicity, and Beat It).

    So, I hope you weren’t too excited about the fake list. We’ve got less than 8 weeks before we know how it will play out. I’m very much looking forward to RB2 and crossing my fingers that GH:WT is a dud…..but I actually think both are going to be great. $60 + $60 + new drums + … …. well you get the point = broke as hell.

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