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    Posted on June 18th, 2008 Shawn No comments

    OK, so for you loyal readers…..not sure there are any, but anyway, here’s a new category for the ol’ blog. It’s the Xbox category. “What, what, what”, you say. “But this has always been my place to go to hear about Palm and Treo stuff.” Well my friend you are correct. Though remember that this site is about “my obsessions”, technical obsessions that is. For anyone who has talked with me in recent months, it’s all about Xbox 360 and more specific, Rock Band (thanks a lot Pabel).

    Since I’ve been playing music well, forever, quickly adapted to the Rock Band stuff….although I never played Guitar Hero much. That might shock you gamers, but I’ve primarily done drums and vocals in real life. Thanks to the big additions in Rock Band, I’ve been pulled back in to gaming….after a 5 year hiatus (R.I.P. Sega Dreamcast).

    Read my other entries for what’s up in my current obsessed world of Xbox 360 and Rock Band.

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