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  • ChatterEmail updated to 3.0.12

    Posted on December 17th, 2007 Shawn No comments

    I have to say, for an application which is not longer being actively developed, the people (Mark & Josh to note) at ChatterEmail have got to be the best in the biz as far as customer support. Many of you know that ChatterEmail is the best 3rd party email app for the Palm OS. In recent weeks, Chatter was updated to now support GMails IMAP service (push email). It worked well in it’s first release, but some major battery drain and minor bugs caused the team at Chatter to go back into the app and make some additional enhancements.

    As of this afternoon, ChatterMail is again upgrade to version 3.0.12, and you can get it here . For me, a GMail IMAP user, this is great news. I am now upgrading to 3.0.12 from 3.0.10, and am looking to see if the battery drain is improved at all.

    Whether or not all the bugs are fixed, it really is impressive the ChatterEmail continues to evolve although the product is “officially feature complete”.

    Chatter, thanks again for the amazing customer support.

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